Surolace - Survival role playing space game

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  • Pushed to the server and

  • Say what you want about fiverr, but these are awesome and I'm going to use them with minimal changes.

    (You'll have to click the link since the jpg is too wide)

  • I'm not sure I've mentioned it yet, but I am in love with construct2.

    After getting my art assets from fiver, I was finally able to implement some of the artwork from spaceinterface that I got from Beaverlicious

    Beaverlicious I'd love to hear your feedback on how I've chopped up your originals. I am not a graphic artist by any measure.


    I redid the title screen from scratch, and this time i spent more time on making the splash look nice. When you click new game it does some paralax effect as it slide over to the ship selection screen. All in all, ton of progress tonight!

    I pushed up to as usually you'll need to mash ctrl+F5 to unstick it from chrome.

    For those who just want a quick peak, here's the screenshots! As always, feedback welcome.

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  • Haha nice man It´s really funny for me to see, how people use my stuff!

    I guess it works out pretty good, but I´d make the vignette a little darker so that it goes a little more in the background...personal taste

    Keep me updated buddy, I´m highly interested in your development..

    PS: The Fiverr art looks really cool btw. Pretty freaky

  • Beaverlicious

    When you say vignette, do you mean the shadow thing around the edges? I had to google it, and the description is kinda fuzzy.

    I played with the darkness of that quite a bit, that's how I ended up with a cloud behind the word surolace (the shadow was just so dark it gobbled it up). I will play with it some more, maybe pop the logo above it, and see how it goes, thanks!

    (I still plan on butchering many parts of space interface, this is just the beginning of my dastardly plans)

  • It's been a while since the last push, but now is at and I'll be uploading a new apk to very soon.

    This is a big update with a lot of back end code changes. Absolutely the key to developing in construct is storing and using UIDs. Combined with families and the way construct does picking there's not many situations that don't have a straight forward solution. It's just getting a handle on it all that takes some time <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    New in

    • New sounds for button presses
    • Mouse over effects for buttons (touch friendly)
    • touch friendly mouse over, buttons highlight but only activate on tap
    • pause button. Pause at anytime, you can still use dialogs, menus, and interact with the interface while game is paused
    • A big chunk of the sensors system has been done!

    -- click an enemy or enemy title to view the status of all rooms on their ship

    -- click it again to zoom back out, or hit the <- button next to their name

    Some of the next work will involve rewriting how turrets/guns are stored to match the better practices I've begun using recently. This sure is a lot of work, but it will be worth it when we find surolace <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Here is a gifv of the update

  • Thanks for nice sharing

  • Thanks for the reply jonmjachimowicz

    Despite the lack of updates, the project isn't shelved. Unfortunately other priorities have shifted up and I am sure I will begin posting updates again once the project is back in development. Thanks again!

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