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  • Hi, I have been using construct two on and off for around a year now, and have started making something I hope to develop into a full (albeit small) game.

    I was looking for some feedback regarding the quality of the sprites/animations/mechanics, and any room for improvement.

    I have made a level and uploaded it to the arcade, which you can find here: ... -demo-2080

    EDIT: I dont think that link worked. you can add this to the end of arcade/other-games/subut-demo-2080

    The game focuses on a family of three who end up in a cave. There is no context in the demo as to why, and that is intentional, as I don't want to give away the idea I have for a story.

    Each family member will have there own skills, and the core mechanics are implemented showing what they can do.

    Bob, the father, can jump up two blocks.

    Betty, the Mother, can support Bob on top of her voluptuous hair, allowing him to get a further two blocks up, but she cannot jump herself.

    Billy, the baby, can roll around. He is literally a ball.

    the goal in the Demo level is to activate the three switches, then get to the finish. Nothing happens when you get to the finish, its two in the morning and I just wanted to get something up before I go to bed.

    I would really appreciate as much feedback as possible, be as critical and constructive as you can!

    If anybody would be interested in the capx, then I would be more then happy to upload that as well, and would love some feedback on that too!

    All the sprites are my own design, the music from Freesounds, CC0.


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  • Hi, the idea doesn't look bad, it reminds me the good game lost vikings ... Looks a bit too simple for now, but that's a beginning.

    The instruction text was quite unreadable, the wife got stuck in the green water (?), other characters fell down, nothing happened,

    and the switch doesn't seem to do anything, we don't even know if they are triggered or not, if we have to stay on it or something.

    then I had to reload the full page to start a new game, this time I didn't even manage to get the wife on the right, I quit

    graphics are OK and funny (I liked the rolling baby !)

    You should make some minimum comfort so playtesters will stick a little bit more to it, maybe start your level with some simple objectives in order to show each mechanic, so the player learn it, then make a test puzzle.

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