Sturdy Ball - 3D Action sport game [alpha]

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  • Check video:

    This version is only for testing game mechanics etc and it's full of bugs, so it doesn't represent final product...

    Planning to release the completed game on mobile platforms...

    What do you guys think?


    Drag to move - Tap to shoot


  • well what you have works so far even if i was spamming the clicks to get the blue ball to score.

  • OrangeTapioca Thanks for the feedback.

    At the moment there's only this one "trainer dummy" opponent, but I'm planning to make some opponents that fight back...

    What do you think about the controls.

    I left the control instructions away on purpose, because I hope that the controls are simple enough to be understood by anyone...

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  • The controls were very intuitive (click where you want to throw, that's it right?), and the game all around was pretty awesome! You definitely have to spam to get the blue ball to the other side. The animation is hysterical! The only thing I'd say is that it's hard to aim, especially in terms of hitting the blue ball at an angle. If you can't hit the ball on it's side the computer opponent just keeps bouncing it back.

  • skelooth Thanks for great feedback! You got the controls right. --> Drag to move - tap to shoot...

    I'll try to do something regarding the aiming...

  • I didn't realize dragging moved. I just spam fested the left click. Now that I know how to move aiming makes much more sense!

  • skelooth good point. That might be the situation with other players as well...

    So had to put the control instructions to first post. Even though I hoped that the controls would be kind of a self explanatory...

  • "I hoped that the controls would be kind of a self explanatory..."

    I always assume the end user wants nothing more than to do things as incorrectly as possible and break everything. I call it defensive coding <_< The users can't be trusted.

  • Wow - pretty cool, and works nice and fluently

    I assume it's not done in Construct 2, but ...... maybe Unity...?

    Either that, or you can do some pretty extreme tricks in Construct that I'd really like to know

  • It's definitely C2 (view source). I think the 3d effect is faux (2d objects) but not entirely sure. I do agree, very neat effect! It really doesn't feel 2d at all.

  • skelooth well said.

    jakobdam Thank you very much. And it's 100% construct 2.

  • neverk -

    What the.....! I'm seriously gonna have to take a look at faking 3D; I had an idea of trying to do something similar to what Carmack did with Wolfenstein 3D, but abandoned it because I didn't think it'd be possible. But here you are, proving me very wrong indeed!

  • jakobdam something like Wolfenstein 3D is totally possible to do with Construct 2, and far beyond...

  • wow awsome, like others said it doesnt even look 2d, nice work and great animations.

  • Neller Thank you very much.

    The 3D effect is achieved by plotting x, y and z points into 2D plane...

    My "3D Objects" have variables xpos, ypos, zpos and I calculate objects 2D position and size based on those variables...

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