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  • I just uploaded my new game Stop or Jump on scirra arcade.

    the game was developed to use on mobile devices, that is why the controls are not so good to play on PC.

    you have to cross the hillsides to get points.

    press [ S ] or left side of the screen to stop.

    hit [ J ] or right side of the screen to jump. ... -jump-8422

    any feedback will be good. at the moment, the game has no sound.

  • I think my game is too difficult and boring, because only me and other person made more than 20 point

    I will add some bonus objects to give more points.. Let's see if it will be easier. Wait for it.

  • I added the bonus items, take a look.

    It is more easy to unlock all the charachters.

  • The game's artstyle looks like it could be a start for something really unique, even if it's just one of those automatic runner games.

    Though, the game seems a bit too cruel, even for beginners or for first play. Are you thinking of implementing some sort of health/lives/continue/retry/etc systems without giving immediate game overs? Even giving two or three extra retries upon falling would help miles with difficulty.

  • LaDestitute I did not think to put extra lives, but now that you said, I could put. You are right about this, because when I was making the game, I tried more than one time on how to beat each kind of obstacle. That is why I made almost 70 points


  • Nice concept, the ability to stop makes the game a little different from the other ones in the market (in a good way). Keep up the good work!

  • thanks Zed2100 , I tried to make a gameplay that is easy to play in a mobile device and different from the others games that I played. I played your basketball challenge, very good game.

    LaDestitute I added the lives.. now the player has 3 lives and can recover a life at every 10 points.. Maybe 10 points it is not so good, maybe I should put like 15 or 20 points.

  • The game's a whole lot easier with those added, and I approve. Good job.

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  • Thanks for playing my game, try playing my other game: Silly Jump, it is similar in principle to your own game, maybe its level design or mechanics could inspire you for your own creations.

    You've got a fun foundation right here, keep up the good work!

  • Zed2100, I also played silly jump, I got stuck on level 47. I think it is the first hard level.

    LaDestitute, I willl low the points to unlock the others characters.

  • Wow! I really liked this one. The art is fantastic! the stages are somehow repetitive, so i think you should add some other obstacles with different mechanics, as a constant shooter enemy (must jump over the projectiles) and maybe a goal bar in-game so the player feel motivated to keep going trough the stages.

    Once again, I'm in love with the art!

  • JPatchZ, for now, the only goals are to unlock all the characters, but I will think on what you said of the progress bar and new obstacles.

    you made a record that it will be hard to beat. thanks for playing.

    I will figure out which kind of progress bar I will use.

  • some of the game assets/elements that I use in the stop or jump game are now free to download and you can use it.

    here the forum topic that I talk about it: Free game assets/elements

    here is a video with a preview of the assets/elements:

    • (example of what you can do with it)
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