Space Duel - Multiplayer game for 2 players.

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  • Hi guys! I'm about to finish my first game and i need some feedback with multiplayer. In short - in this game you can play offline (against AI) and online (against random opponet). I tested it with my friends, and it works fine, but how would it work if players are from different parts of the world?

    Anyway, there is some known issues:

    1 - i can't connect to game, hosted on my notebook, from my pc. The problem is that my notebook connects to internet via wi-fi, but pc - via ethernet. Tablet connects to notebook without any troubles... Maybe somebody know how to fix it?

    2 - quit button doesn't work, i don't know why. Browser => Close do nothing.

    There is some work to do (redraw some sprites, change some sounds, etc), but most important thing - working multiplayer. Play this game and tell me what do you think, any feedback is appreciated! Thanks! ... l-test-766

  • Updated: added statistics, changed appearance of most buttons.


    Still hope for some feedback <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Updated: Now you can create your rooms! Or, you can choose room created by another player. Bug - sometimes, when creating room, game stucks on "console". Exit to menu helps. Will be fixed soon.

  • You might wanna turn the volume down, in the menu - its REALLY loud.

    Other then that it seems like a nifty (good) little game. I should read the instructions next time i try it ^^ so i know how to play it.

  • Very nice I enjoyed a lot that game. I'm already addictedd hahaha

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  • Thanks, guys! I'm very happy you liked this game! I will reduce music volume in the next update.

  • Update: fixed bug with multiplayer (stucking on console), music volume, bug in tutorial (ships disappearing), added "Back" button to name change screen. Also, i decided to add separate "Tutorial" button to Menu, because of possible changes in text of the tutorial and to make learning easier.

  • Hi everybody! Last week i was working on big update and now i'm ready to share it! Main feature - energy. For now is no limits for shooting. You can choose how much shots you want to make and how much cores you want to protect. Also, you can recover your cores. And i added a mini game, which you can play while waiting for peer to connect to your game. Try it, and let me know what do you think! (there still may be bugs, work in progress)

  • Update! For now it's easier to find yourself a competitor! When creating your game, choose "Multiplayer Game", and play with AI, until somebody connect to your game. Also, most bugs, that i know, have been fixed.

  • New update! Fixed bug with core's shield in multiplayer, changed some sprites and animations.

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