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  • just finished a school demo that I spent about 100 hours on (I think)

    please take a look and tell me what you think. ... bonjfihhci

  • Hello! I tried it out!

    It's pretty cool. Level design is fine. Collisions with platform objects (the pipes in particular) were a bit wonky here and there. I ran into some bugs while pressing "jump" when there was a message being displayed. Wall-jumping felt weird and I never felt like I made contact with the wall (collision sprites too big I guess). At the end of the level where it said something like "30 score = boss" or whatever... yeah it crashed there. And I couldn't figure out what to do there anyway.

    After 100 hours of programming, I'd say spend another hour or two polishing controls, collisions, bugs, etc. Definitely a nice effort and it has some real potential.

  • thanks for the playing and thanks for the constructive criticism, Its much appreciated. Sucks that it crashed when you were trying to get to the boss. the score is in your pause menu and is updated every time you destroy a monster, but I probably should have said something about that somewhere, or just made it visible on the hud.

    I'll keep plugging away, and try to fix some of those problems.

  • Yeah man. I bet you learned a ton from making it and if you tried to make it again it'd take a fraction of the time. That's the best part about making a game, even if it's not perfect.

    My first game (which you can play on the Scirra Arcade) took me like 3 hours to finish, but then I accidentally saved over one of my event pages and had to start over. It only took me an hour the second time. That was really cool.

    Anyway, best of luck to you. Let me know when you fix it up a bit!

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  • very true. I have to make a second game for the class and now that I've had a lot of trial and error, I think you're right about the process being shortened.

    thanks again for looking.

    btw, I like the fact that you're game doesn't reset the coins when you die. it would have been brutal to try and buy anything in the shop.

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