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    The plugin V1.0 is released!

    Hi all

    I'm doing currently the Nuggeta Game services to integrate games based on Construct2 into Nuggeta Play Gaming Platform.

    I started the plugin based on developers ask. I'm just discovering how construct2 is powerful even i have to admit as an eclipse developer

    this construct2 engine is changing my mind how to build game and realized why is so powerful

    Nuggeta Play Store:

    • allowd players to win points, do in game mission and publish scores. Support automatically playing with Facebook , Google+ and Twitter Friends.
    • allows developers to easy integrate the SDK without the assle of integrating all these SDKs

    Here is the actual progress state I hope to release it by the end of the week.

    Thank you for your feedback

  • Look forward to checking it out!

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  • Thanks.

    I hope to have it release by the end of the week max.

    Time to package and write some doc.

  • The plugin is released It allows to integrate leaderboards and achievements on Nuggeta Play Social Gaming Platform simply.

    The portal take care of all the rendering. The games just need to do API calls and benefit immediately of our backend and our revenue sharing model.

    I'm not allowed to post the link to the plugin since my profile here is new. Visit nuggeta developer site. There is the tutorial and a sample construct2 project.

    If you have several games we can do the integration in one of them to show you how is simple it is.

    Feedback, critisisms and support are all welcome.

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