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  • If you invetested so much time and energy than don't give up. To put it away for a while it's OK. My first prototype was to huge so i decided to froze it and other which i started. My actual project is so easy AS possible, but when i have more praxis i think about to reactivate my first one. Your game has over 1000 events?! My gameplay construct is near by end but i don't think that i reach 100 events.


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  • I haven't abandoned it yet, just sitting it aside until I get my platformer presentable, which shouldn't be too much longer. Then, I'll have a choice of which game I want to take to completion first, and I'll be able to get opinions of which one has more potential.

  • DrewMelton

    Randomizer tutorials 1-10 (possible 1 - 100...?) Do you need this?

    Construct 2 - Generating a Whole Number Between Two Parameters (YouTube)

    How does it works when each number should be picked only one time?

    Something like that?

    how make: click - have random number 1, and again click - we never have 1???((( {random numbers at 1 to 10 int(random 1,11)} (YouTube comment)

  • Why do you need the same number to never be picked again?

  • Why do you need the same number to never be picked again?

    Gameplay element. Sometimes it is better. I wanna have controled randomfunction. Example 1 to 10 is finished i can reset and Start again. Gameplay is more fair, same conditions.

  • Hmm, well I'm not the one to ask since this is not my area of expertise, but I'll get you started.

    The problem with not picking the same number twice is making sure the computer knows that that number is out once it's been picked. This means you'll have to use some variables. Ideally, you would have a way of "ending" the event or at least resetting it, but you have not told me how this will be implemented, and I'm not sure I'm qualified to code this anyway.

    I made a capx to get you started. It will choose a global variable which corresponds to a number, then it will mark that number as zero so it will not be picked next time.

    Now, it's not perfect. This is just a start. You'll have to tweak it to work with your game depending on what you need it for.

    I set up two boxes to click. One will give you a number until all have been picked. The other box will reset the variables to default values so you can do it again. Set this up however you want in your game. This is just one way of doing it.

    Again, this is not my area of expertise, and I have things I need to work on. If you need more help, head to the "how do I" section and ask there. Maybe someone will have a better answer.

  • DrewMelton

    Thx i test it later.

    One example is sidescroller with random parts. 10 is the heaviest one. I don't know how many times a spawnpoint would spawn this part during 50 times, but with "controled" random i can control it! 5 times (loop 1- 10), so it's fair enough for the player. It's like mixing different parts which come between 1-10. There are many possibilities with it, maybe it could support you by creating random levels or replace arrays, get "smarter" and fair enough enemies, because of different behaviours. Which 3D programms and tools you are using?

    If you want you can post your platform game here.

    I wanna try a platform game with Blender, Spriter Pro and C2.

  • For 3d, I use Modo and Zbrush. I also have Photoshop CC, Painter X3, and some other stuff.

    I'm not really ready to show off my platformer yet, but here is a sneak peak.

    The image has been cropped since there was a bunch of "test" junk in the layout. These are NOT the final graphics. It's just some stuff I threw together to get some tests going and see what it looked like.

    The final graphics will look even better. Most of that was thrown together sloppily. The ground was done as fast as possible just to give him something to stand on, for example. The backgrounds are a better example of what it will look like. The character model will be refined as well.

  • DrewMelton

    This character looks good, but why you don't use a 3D engine? App game kit 2 supports blendergameengine!!! Is modo sometimes on sale? It' to expensive for my skills

    Messiahstudio animation is on sale but i don't know how long. There are two possibilities to use this programm. I guess SMAK is something for you because of zbrush.

  • Look up the indie version of Modo. I think it's on steam as well. Much cheaper, and the restrictions are not too bad. I have the full version that I got on sale for about half off. They have sales every now and then, but I never know when. I think their Christmas sale is already over.

    But do have a look at the indie version of Modo. I think the Steam version is on sale until Jan 2.

    The reason I didn't use a 3d engine was because I didn't think it would be as easy. I mean, I can use Construct 2 to program about whatever I want. I can make A.I. I can make RPG stats, it's easy to work with. I haven't seen any 3d engines that would be as easy to use, but I admit I haven't looked that much. I looked at App game Kit 2 that you posted, but it doesn't currently support 3d animationsI think it said, plus it requires coding. I'm not much into coding.

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