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  • Happy Halloween, good people of Scirra!!!

    & a happy Friday the 13th.

    This program has been very good to me & I want to share what what I've been working on.

    A few years ago on Halloween, my girlfriend & I were playing with Perler Beads. We stayed up all night watching horror movies & making little glow- in- the- dark ghosts out of these plastic beads that would then be melted together. we hung them about in our art gallery. Later, I drew the set of my 9 pixel art ghosts into my computer. As I did so I gave them names & it hit me!

    Pearl's Ghosts.

    Featuring, from left to right;

    Santa, Whuh, Fister, Glub, Whoo, Baby, Cornelius, Boo & Kathy.

    I quickly designed the Female Pearl character & started searching for a program that could help make it happen.

    Between other matters, it took me a few years to find Scirra. Once I got my feet wet, there was no stopping me.

    The online tutorials have been nothing short of amazing! In no time at all, my game started taking shape.

    I've worked on every zone in the game. Figured out it's greater mechanics. One fine evening, every zone's theme song raced through my head & in only a few hours, "Pearl's Ghosts" had the greater elements of its sound track.

    This is literally a dream come true. After a life- time of fantasizing. After RPG maker on Playstation. After a highly devoted mod of a "Sonic the Hedgehog" fan game on the "Doom Legacy" engine, I have finally made something I can love & share.

    Now my demo is ready. It is the full first zone of the game & I'm open to opinions.

    Please download it let me know what you think.

    From one Halloween to another, I proudly present "Pearl's Ghosts"!

    Thank you,

    Stewart B. Carson AKA Sparkz ...

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  • you cant posts links yet my friend, but kudos to you i see the hard work you put into it, post around the forums or upload it to the scirra aracde and refer us to the name, the diligent will search xD

    congratz on making it this far, but finishing stuff is very important so onwards!

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