Paper Mario?!

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  • Well... more like Pixel Mario!

    This is what I'm working on. Here's the video description, translated from french :

    Sorry about the awful video quality, that's all I have at my disposal :'{

    (There's some sound, but it's very quiet)

    Ever since I first played the original Paper Mario on the N64, before I could even read, I've been dreaming of making my own game like this.

    The last two instalments leaving a lot to be desired, in my opinion, I thought this was the perfect time to make my dream come true... I've barely started though And I'm not entirely sure I'll finish this. And if I do, how long is going to be from now? (I'm quite lazy at times) x)

    I'll try to put up some kind of demo on the Arcade when I'm done, before moving on to something more original based off this, as it seems straight-up fangames aren't too well-received by Nintendo, lately

    My dream would be to make said demo's .capx available to all, so people can start making their own Paper Mario-like game using it as a basis... Though, first I'd have to make sure it's not a complete mess and that's it actually intelligible!

    But would anyone be interested?

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