Nova Break (updated 4/26/2014)

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  • Got a great tip on how to deal with browsers and how they treat this HTML5 stuff, new update and a new link

  • Love the Geometry Wars style visuals.

    Music kicks ass and is very fitting!

    Controls felt good, and it was fun enough that I played the first level quite a few times. I honestly wish there was more to play, which is always a good thing.

    I feel like there are an awful lot of icons at the top of the title screen, but I guess some of those are only meant for gameplay. I feel like the audio buttons could probably be crammed into the options menu as well for what it's worth when that gets up and running.

    On the "How to Play" screen, I really like how well it's illustrated, but I feel like all the ships/icons are rotating a bit too fast, so I don't really get to identify what it is I'm looking at. I'd recommend either slowing them down or not having the rotate at all.

    Anyway, it's awesome and I'm super excited for more updates!

  • How funny, I was thinking all that movement on the "How to Play" screen was to much. Also I totally broke some stuff today, never I repeat never delete a global veritable. New update will be posted tomorrow.... via a million downloads.

  • New updates coming soon, and some bug fixes. Working on getting at least 6 levels up and running for the demo.

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  • Did someone say retro? far so good, nice sound, graphics are suitably retro, more than that you have reproduced the feel of old arcade games, and that's the difficult bit...

    I tested on firefox suffered a little on the framerate at times and game must be running in a high res as I could not see some of the screen,my screen res is 1024,768 so maybe a low res option for added retro-ness, and may help the framerate too...

  • Thanks Pixel perfick, I got lots for sloppy code to fix and your right it's way to high of a resolution.

    We've started to add some game elements so be sure and test those out and let us know:

    Click to go to the updated demo!

    Added or changed:

    • Da bomb now shows up on level one press x to use. Right now it's a timed event about every 20 seconds one shows up. I find it real hard to get to the bomb to increase the bomb count, (or we just can't fly our own ship) let us know if it works for you.
    • Sounds and eye candy when you shoot a shield wall.
    • User interface changes
    • slowed down the rotation of objects on the "how to play" page.
    • credits page now works.
  • Updated still lots of bugs and changes to come in the future but it's taking shape.

    Click here to play the new demo:

    Change Log:


    Have fun and send us some feedback – dthomasdigital team.

  • Anyone get a chance to play level 2? Am I on the right track? I've made a bunch of changes, I'm stuck figuring out the best way to award stars for the bonus should be just based on score?

  • We've been doing a bit of cleanup on Nova Break fixing some bugs here and there, so a new update to the demo is out:

    Change Log:

    Fixed a huge Pause bug in Level 1

    Smart Bomb now shakes the screen

    Added sounds to the smart bomb

  • I should have a new update in a few days, worked on a bunch of bugs and have the new scoring system working too.

  • 500 views, now if I could only get this thing finished.

  • Click here to play the new demo:

    Well the one thing about games is the more you work on them the more bugs you introduce and we sure have been doing that. The latest demo has some real bugs and your help in finding them would be great. NOVA BREAK bug hunt, oh and it’s got 3 playable levels now.

  • We are still working on games but Cancun got in the way, much rum in the forecast .

  • So one thing I noticed, every level I played told me I was on Level 1.

    Would be nice if the music was quieter.

    Shouldn't be able to mouse-over any buttons while a level is loading.

    Would be neat to warp in at a random place.

    Next level button should move to the next level instead of the level selection screen.

    There's not much of a direction during levels, or real danger. I simply turned towards the boss and shot until I got through his shields.

    Opening radio sound byte hurts at normal volume.

    Maybe consider limiting rate of fire? It's really easy to spam the lasers, and no real reason not to. I could just rig up a macro, hahah.

    Shooting star things on the level selection is kind of confusing. They look neat but are reeeally distracting.

    Levels do not seem to save unless you hit "next level"? I went to the help screen and it didn't save completion of the first level.

    Yeah, those're my quick thoughts and such.

  • Great feedback as always on this forum will look into your findings DatapawWolf. Funny you said something about the shooting star effect I was thinking the other day looks cool but a bit to much on that screen.

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