Neon Krieger Yamato (Arcadey platformer/fighting game mix)

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  • Neon Krieger Yamato [GREENLIT]

    Neon Krieger Yamato is a local co-op (Up to 2 players) blend of a fighting game, platformer, and beat 'em up. The game has a large emphasis on combos, juggles, fast paced action, and small combat "puzzles." You can select a unique character with their own set of moves to cater to your personal preference.

    Here's some gifs of the game in action -

    Combos of the currently available playable characters -

    Super Moves - gain an unleashable super move when you land a large combo

    Parrying - twitch parrying is possible for defense, similar to Street Fighter III


    The game has already been greenlit, it's just a matter of finishing now. It's also on the Wii U dev forum. I'm the sole person behind it (which I think alot of C2 creators are). Thanks for looking!




  • Nice! Looks freaken badass, like the old snes shooters (Metal Slug!),

    I can tell a ton of polish went into it and most of all, it looks very fun to play!

    Definitely raising the bar for C2 games!

    All the best of luck!

  • is this really created with C2? looks amazing

  • Very impressive, good luck with the project.

  • Wow!!!

    Excellent work - love the art & good luck on Steam!

  • Damn that looks buttery smooth for pixel art. Reminds me of the incredible animations in Metal Slug, though you've got a different aesthetic going on.

  • Looks great man! Those animations are smooth alright!

  • I love how fluid this game looks, and I'm saddened to find out that I missed this at MAGfest somehow. Especially for a one person effort, excellent job!

  • Thanks for looking everyone!

    Here's some new stage art that's been added, a "Hidden Temple" theme. Also added a universal double tap dash to all the characters.

  • Great stuff right here. Really excited to see where you go with it.

    Also - nice to see another graphic designer who is using their evenings to work on games

  • Great inspiration in terms of animation and mechanics

  • Here's some random stuff I've been tweeting since my last post-

    Added a shadow trail effect to special moves

    New background art and a preview of the mechanic for that level

    Added throw animations and dash attacks to the rest of the first 4 playable characters

    Started working on new playable characters again, here's Clockwork Gladiator Lex

  • Man, this looks great. Would love to hear a bit about your Wii U experience... I'm still waiting on my application to go through.

  • Man, this looks great. Would love to hear a bit about your Wii U experience... I'm still waiting on my application to go through.

    Sorry, I haven't started porting it yet. Just trying to finish a general version for Steam first.

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  • Fantastic! I love beat 'em up with shooters!

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