Mr.Carcass (Puzzle shooting game)

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • yeehaw game is tested and ready! In final testing, there was lot of bugs but I killed them all and now its stable. Can be played start to end without any crash. Amazing feeling. =)

    I want to share some things what I found and was really pain in the ass.


    I used it in my score system before but I noticed that it crash your game in long term. (I don't know how local storage works.) I made score system using just global variables and its works perfectly.

    Compare variable to compare two values.

    I used "compare variable" in every where but when I charge it to "compare two values" everything start to works much better. Don't ask me why.

    Screen flickering.

    Screen flickered in my testing phone really badly. My project lay out size was 1700*960 pixels and of course background images was that size also. It's not problem if you have good phone but in my testing phone it cause flickering. So I reduce background image pixels size to half. 850*480 and then stretch it pack to my project lay out size. Not flickering anymore.

    Tiled background images

    Big tiled background images caused weird crash. Wen you had played some time and then go to lay out where is big tiled background image it crashed my game immediately or some time later. When I change them to sprites everything star to works perfectly. I still have tiled background images but they all are small.

    Now game not crash at all, so something went right.

    Hope these hints helps some one and save time. =)

    This month I going to do some marketing and release this game in October.

    This is my first game. Year ago I started this one-man project and had no idea how to make this game, then I found construct 2. =) So if some one in construct team read this. I'm really thankful. =)

    and here is trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

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