Mathematics 2: multiplication and division

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  • Mathematics 2: multiplication and division

    This is a training application that will teach you to count, compare, multiply, divide. You can learn the multiplication and division table, as well as solve many examples. The game under a pleasant melody and colorful graphics will give you not only knowledge, but also pleasure. In addition to learning the numbers and mathematical examples, you can play a fun mini-game that develops attentiveness, coordination, and also gives a positive mood. The application is suitable for all ages.


    1) Many beautiful characters;

    2) You can study the numbers from 0 to 9;

    3) You can learn to compare numbers and understand which figure is bigger and which is smaller;

    4) You can study the multiplication and division table;

    5) You can solve examples of multiplication and division;

    6) You are encouraged and get points for the correct answers and consideration;

    7) You can play a mini-game that develops mindfulness and coordination.

    Download: Mathematics 2: multiplication and division

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