Mask of Light feedback please.

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  • Hi all,

    I just publish my first game Masks of Light on Google Play. I made the game entirely with construct 2 and Intel XDK.

    I wish to have feedback and see if everything is running fine with my game. It is free.

    It is currently far down the list under puzzle games.

    Any feedback would be really appreciated! ... askOfLight

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Please any feedback would be welcome. I uploaded the game to Scirra Arcade, simply look it up under puzzle game.


  • Hello

    Send me PM with your Google Play link

    I will give you feedback!

  • Well it looks like I need 500 rep to send PM or to add a link.

    You can search "Masks of light" in google play it is the first pick (Blue icon with 2 masks hand drawn on it) published by redthumbapp.

    Thanks for your help. And by the way my kids are loving your game have trouble getting my own phone now.

  • Hey! I just installed your game I will give you some feedback soon...

    Well it's far from finished, I still have to design all the levels but thanks!

    BTW, if someone else want to try the game this is the Google Play link:

  • Thanks alot really appreciated. I downloaded Toby's world today. You did a really good job there, fun game and I am really enjoying it. Really good control and gameplay!

  • Well, after played a few levels I can give you a few feedback:

    1. What about background music (are you planning to add one)?

    2. Hmm, I think it will be nice to have a tutorial

    3. Don't you think it's cheating to set the brightness to the maximum?

    4. Have you considered more game modes?

    Anyways, for being your first game you have a very polished game, congratulations!

  • Thank you for your feedback, it's really appreciated.

    For the background music, I am surprise you did not hear any because I have 5 song I composed that play randomly in background, what type of mobile device did you use?

    A tutorial, is required, I did one but got many feedback to make it more clear. I will work on that one

    The brightness I added because when on a device during daylight the screen was always dark , so yes it is kind of cheating but i was divided on letting a defined opacity or allowing the user to change it so they can play in daylight. I still have no ultimate solution to this one

    New game mode is a really good Idea I never though about it. I will start sketching up some ideas for that.

    Thank you very much for taking time to test it out and your insights are really appreciated.

    If you ever need a tester for your game or existing please feel free to contact I will gladly help

    Thanks again!

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