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  • I have very fond memory with the classic title 'Lose Your Marbles' as a child who played this game in my cousin's computer.

    That time it was the only puzzle game I played yet it still leaves sweet memories. So it is not enigmatic thing to remake one's lovely puzzle game with their own vision.

    In original classic Lose Your Marbles each column kept filling with 5 marbles by default no matter how many consecutives combos player made, it will remains at least 5 marbles in that column.

    In current development I made it possible to just keep 1 marbles on each column. This is intended for possible puzzle clearance mode which the goal is to clear all marbles on screen.

    Also in original game the filling-drop system always picked side up marbles above center row to fall in. In my game it is depend on which side has the most marbles. Think about center row as center of gravity that will pull the closest or with the most queue. If both sides has the same amount of marbles queue, it will take different side to fall in from previously recorded 'same case'. So it kinda predictable but if only player can memorize it.

    That to be said in the beginning of the post. There is way way long to go to make the not so close classic title spinoff to surface.

  • Rotary center roundabout activated by pressing Ctrl. Working nicely with full or partial marbles around the center, with bugs still left however.

  • It's on stable state now that everyone can test tight control scheme:

    Arrow keys

    Left, Right key to move cursor side to side

    Up, Down kwy to tilt marbles within column

    Space bar - Center line shifting

    Ctrl or Z key - Rotary cyclic around center

    R key - restart

    Almost forget to mention that both "worm holes" serve as warping gate to make warp-shifting "physically sense".

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  • Took me long time to get the combo working precisely and in order.

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