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  • Hello Rhindon,

    i'm happy you like the maze.

    to your questions:

    please use "mercuryus(@gameus.de)" to sign the maze in your game.

    I did not place an exit to the maze because i actually don't know if you will add some quests or just leave it "as is".

    It could become bored if the player just have to find the exit (therefore it is far too large, i think). But if so place the exit in the upper right sector please.

    The teleporter are not ordered to use it this way but numbered to build pairs (in/out).

    maybe you implement the maze and we take a look in the look & feel of the result.

    Maybe we can enhance the gameplay with some ideas...?

  • Good morning!

    Will do for your name when giving you credit for your maze. Not a problem.

    Initially, I only plan to have the purpose of the game to be getting through the maze as quickly as possible - with the added challenge of not being able to SEE the maze except for your immediate vicinity. I do plan to add at least one item - a gift box (something my girlfriend "demands" be in my games lol) - which may offer some kind of momentary advantage - like the lights all come on BRIEFLY. I haven't yet thought too much about what kind of items might be found in the game. For now, it's mostly going to be an "as is". But I do see that simply going through the maze can lose replay value quickly...

    I finished testing a layout to include circle mazes using the maze generator you showed me. I'll have to create special maze pieces for such arenas as both the character icon AND a second layer will be moving interactively (the layer rotates the maze pieces while the character icon moves up and down only). THIS kind of maze will take some fine-tuning regarding the controls for both PC and mobile.

    I'll get your maze added tonight and I'll upload the capx for you to test by this weekend if all goes well. I look forward to some brainstorming ideas! I hope to do more with this game, but for my personal growth as a designer/programmer, I need to be very careful I don't add too much too soon lest I lose my focus and don't even FINISH the game.

  • liked the maze and the glowingness of it

  • Thanks, scragglybear! Hopefully the additional touches I've added will make it stand out even better. ... Updates to come.

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  • *BUMP* New updates! And a photo! LOL (I hear those are helpful.)

  • NEW updates! I hope you all enjoy!

    mercuryus - Sorry for the delay on adding your maze. It's in my capx as a sprite waiting for me to actually translate it into a layout. I've been trying to finalize several other foundational aspects, but I haven't forgotten your contribution. It's very nearly on my next to-do.

  • mercuryus - I'm so sorry for the delay...I'm putting together your maze into the game now. I've been very busy just trying to set up all the other basics for the game. Up next: YOUR CREATION.

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