Loot Pursuit (Zelda/Grandia/Mario hybrid RPG) 9/29 update

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  • is the development still on-going? Arima

    I ran into some design issues that I was having difficulty working around, like how stuff offscreen is important to keep tabs on but how is the player supposed to do that if the stuff is offscreen? I put the project on hold while trying to figure it out and focused more on a novel I've been writing in the meantime, but I think I might have answers to the design problems and have been feeling like trying to work on it again lately.

    I know I work at a glacial pace, and it's not by choice, but I still want to make Loot Pursuit in some sort of way, even if I have to scale back the scope some amount.

    But yeah... it's going to be a while before I manage to get it to a presentable state.

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