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  • Haven't thought of a name yet but i figured i'd show my work in progress here.

    Platformer graphics (Deluxe) by Kenney Vleugels (kenney.nl)

    Just started using Construct last month and this is the second game i'm making, the other one being a project for school. It's a 2 (possibly more) player arena game where you fight on platforms and have to shoot the other player. However, instead of killing him it knocks him back. And since the bottom of the screen is lava, the goal is to knock the other player into the lava. Meanwhile the arena platforms slowly crumble away to to make it so matches don't potentially last too long.

    If you want to check it out you can actually play it via my FTP server: http //

    To play it, you can control both characters with gamepads. Made a small mistake so gamepad 1 controls player 2 and gamepad 2 controls player 1. Gonna change that when i have some spare time.

    Otherwise you can also control player 1 with WASD and space bar to shoot.

    Gamepad controls are:

    Left analog stick to move around

    A button to jump

    B to drop down a platform

    Right shoulder trigger to shoot

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