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    Now that thats out of the way. What is Line Tracer?

    Line tracer is a game about, well...tracing a line!

    The game will be randomly generated and endless.

    A high score system will be implemented based on distance traveled/time.

    And two game modes are planned. One has those pink bounding lines stationary. The other game mode will add the challenge of those lines moving!

    In this project I am generating all my lines with XML and Xpath. This is something very new to me and is proving to be a fun challenge. I honestly don't know if XML will be able to do all that I want it to just yet. But I am off to a great start!

    P.S It was requested during a stream to make the game more pc optimized. This means the pc version works a great deal differently than the mobile version. Mobile is the target audience.

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  • After a day of of Xpath I decided I could get things done faster without it. Learned a good bit about it...but not enough to marry it to my game.

    Xpath and XML put aside...

    I got random generation working.

    Progress has come pretty far.

    All thats left is:


    -Start sequence



    -few other things

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