Is this level easy to accomplish? Please TEST!

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  • Right here, it is just about accomplishing this specific level. If its not annoying and too hard, the rest will be fine...

    That's the problem though, the jumping is annoying and really takes away from the gameplay, which is a shame because the game itself looks like it would be very good. It's something that I would play for sure. The look and music/sounds are great. The fun level just takes a big hit when the character won't move as expected. I think maybe it would be ok as is if you removed the death mechanics and just made it pure puzzle based. Or maybe make it so that the character gets injured a little when he touches fire rather then dieing in one hit. If not then I really think that the movement needs to be tweaked. Now with all that being said, it is YOUR game and you have the right to make it however you want. If the movement and everything is how you like it and how you want it then I say go for it how it is. It's your creation after all.

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  • Erfeo ,@Burvey I understand, and I am keen to tweak, since I don't want to loose people on that issue. I am just not sure, how first of all. Also I am not sure, how much I want to loose that feature, but that does not mean I wont, since I want you guys to see the further adventures of this guy

    So please help to get that right.

    The movement-problem consists of two parts:

    • First, there is some locking of the platform behavior (like when turning around standing, or breaking)

    This can only be solved ultimately by getting rid of the seamless turnings and do instant mirroring of the player sprite.

    • Second, there are obviously some platform settings, that can be changed:

    To me, this felt right... Do you have any platform values you would prefer? More acceleration/deceleration? Or how would you feel comfortable with the behavior?

    I would like to make a new test version soon according to your suggestions.

  • The level design is very good, however, the movement is a little stuck, could be faster.


  • Hi Erfeo , Somebody , blackhornet , , enjoythetale , Burvey

    Okay, movement-model reworked.

    I took out the stopping animations, made all animations faster, turning even more. The Acceleration value of the platform-behavior is higher too. Please take a look, if you like it better now. Thanks in advance!

    (same link, new caching - please be patient while its loading)

  • I think it plays better now. I don't think it would hurt to decrease the acceleration a tiny bit (maybe somewhere between where you had it before and now) if you wanted to. Did you increase the players max speed as well? It seems like he was running faster. Anyways, with the new tweaks I think it plays a bit better.

    I did run into a glitch where while jumping and pressing to the right, I came in contact with a locked door and the player became stuck in the door and the players animation keep looping. I was able to get him unstuck after about 10 seconds of pressing the left and right buttons repeatedly. I tried to recreate the glitch again after breaking loose but I wasn't able to.

  • The game is very nice, the smoothness of the animations, the level design and the colors chosen, all very well done.

    One point that has been mentioned by some people, as is the acceleration in the player's motion, the character has a very slow speed of displacement and this hinders choices of fast actions such as skip and stop; or run jump and stop suddenly.

  • Way better. The art and mood are really cool by the way.



    (same link, new caching - please be patient while its loading)

    enjoythetale Thanks for you positive feedback. I hope to be let you play more of the game soon, after the controls are smoothed out.

    Burvey Max speed stayed the same, but the animations have a higher FPS, so it might feel faster. I set the Acceleration a bit lower again now, in between, as suggested.

    gillenew Deceleration is a bit higher, but altogether I don't think, it has to be more radical in acceleration/deceleration. What do you think?

    Altogether I think it might be OK now...


    (like stuck animations when landed or at doors)

    I also added a display of some values I need for proper debugging, since I cannot reproduce the problem and I can not find in my code, how that should be possible. If you run into any bugs again, please post a screenshot, so I can see the situation and the values on the left top.


    Thanks for the support!

    Any new testers? Please tell me what you think!

  • Seems much better now.

  • MultipleChoice

    I don't like the door open sequence because it is to long. It's like you try to stretch the gameplaytime!

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