Klang - Become one with the music

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  • Congrats! Klang looks like a blast to play.

  • This is such a beautiful game, probably in the top 5 C2 games visually, up there with Airscape and Penelope. Really hope this gets the attention it deserves...and it looks like it's starting to.

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    New trailer for Klang!

  • This is a truly outstanding game! It's up there with the best and shows really well what can be done in C2.

    Mega congratulations man!

  • Tinimations Congrats on the IGN Feature man! Saw it on there and remembered that was a C2 game! http://www.ign.com/beta/videos/2015/11/ ... o-gameplay

  • Hah I was just coming here to post I saw Klang on IGN! Awesome stuff!

  • C-7

    Thanks! Just a shame the comment section lives up to its reputation... x)

  • Hah that comment section is always a hellhole. They had people calling MGS5 ugly and derivative. Just remember there are always plenty who are quite happy with what they see but don't feel the need to leave comments.

  • C-7 Yeah I mostly did it to leave the trailer in the article. Increasing views and letting interested people get to see more than just the demo. I'll probably won't get anything but personal insults from that one troll anyway.

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  • looks great.. hope you can overcome any performance issues! good luck!

  • jobel Thanks! I just hope I can get the new NWjs to work soon. Struggle with that black screen on startup issue.

  • jobel Thanks! I just hope I can get the new NWjs to work soon. Struggle with that black screen on startup issue.

  • Have you got plans for a console port?

    I've noticed a trend for the past year, the PC crowd is really harsh these days whenever they see a platformer. Comments on Steam are outright hostile to newly released platformers.

    This studio recently did a postmortem for their very nice looking platformer which did not do as well as they had hoped:


    http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/FilipKra ... omenon.php

    Note that they received great coverage from gaming media sites. Giant Bomb & Destructoid giving excellent reviews etc.

    This is what TotalBiscuit (popular Youtuber) had to say about it: "there may not be an audience who wants to play another puzzle platformer".

    I mean compare to a recent indie hit, Kingdom (http://store.steampowered.com/app/368230/), a very simplistic game but it has some major selling points that appeal to the PC gaming crowd: excellent pixel art (there's an expectation that 2d games = pixel art), some form of procedural generated content, re-play-ability.

    Just some food for thought.

  • Yes I do actually. I'm already hooked up with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and another android based console. I'm giving up on Wii U since it has no webGL support, I have a good feeling I'll be able to port to Xbone eventually without too much trouble. I still gotta do more research up towards PS4 to see wether it's viable or not. I might even have to port it to another engine altogether.

    When it comes to the game example. I didn't see a lot of smacktalking, hell the positive ratio was 98 %. When it comes to low sales however, I can see it. The impression I got was that this game's some sort of metroidvania with "ok" art direction and game feel. The use of colors was good, but the overall art design (especiall the characters) lacked appeal. It didn't intrigue me. However Kingdom has that "stop effect" needed for people to check it out. It makes sense to me why one did better than the other.

    While Klang is a platformer, the hook is much more rare than the avarage metroidvania. The positive feedback on the greenlight gives me hope that it has a shot to do well. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =399150347

    Though yes I definately want it out on consoles as well.

  • This is awesome! I wanted to do a music based game also. Mine was gonna be more like boom boom rocket but man this is epic! gives me new hope and better ideas

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