Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Special Edition

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  • Hi everybody and especially those point and click die hard fans out there!

    I am working on a remake for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis all done in C2, going great so far!

    I made a website also using C2 with a signup petition to help us voice our demand for this remake to be approved by Disney/Lucasfilm, please help us by signing the petition, it really means a lot to us, thanks!

    http://indiana-jones-and-the-fate-of-at ...

  • This looks really nice!

    Details on the character and animations you put it's quite lovely.

    If you ever gonna need some help with C2 coding I'll be more than happy to help.

  • shinkan Thanks man, i did run into one problem i haven't fixed yet, though i didn't quite gave up on it yet, i need to limit pathfinding to only 8 directions, do you think you can help with that?

  • I would start with different question. Do you need pathfinding?

    What I have seen in your videos, there's really no need for that. I would rather based that on let's call it "walkable areas".

    But to answer your question. I don't know what you have in your C2 but I would make a sprite "A" with pathfinding behavior to move around. And another sprite "B" with all animations that follows "A" and set it up so it plays animations based on angle between sprite "A" and sprite "B".

  • Firstly, yes pathfinding is necessary not just for walkable areas, but also for shortest route to destination, how else would you do it?

    I already set the animation using the pathfinding moving angle, but i want to limit the movement itself to just 8 directions, angles 0,45,90 etc, because i only have 8 animations in 8 angles and if the angle of the animation is 45 and the movement angle is 35 it looks bad.

  • Quick example.

  • shinkan, That's great!!! thank you very much!

    Is there any reason you're using another pinned sprite and not putting the pathfinding on the player itself?

  • Nah. Just a personal preference. In my capx you can add pathfinding behavior to the Sprite2 and replace all event to use this sprite only. It will work just fine.

    But for that kind of things I like to keep them separately.

  • Yeah i already did that, just wanted to know if it has any benefits.

    It looked like it was working well on your example, but then i noticed you're just setting the animation and that's what i am already doing, but the pathfinding moving angle can still return different angles in between and move in that angle.

  • Ahh, You want to limit the angle of pathfinding behavior itself. I don't think it's possible to limit the angle of motion.

    When path is generated Pathfinding creates a bunch of nodes on a grid and generally only moves along 8 directions - from one cell to another cell. [attachment=1:2xu10pot][/attachment:2xu10pot]

    but actual movement of the object is more like interpolation between each nodes - object never perfectly lands on a cell where node is, instead it cut corners to move to the next node in shortest time. This is all done internally in the behavior.[attachment=0:2xu10pot][/attachment:2xu10pot]I've added Paster to draw perfect path of Pathfinding behavior movement along path..

    Only way to sort this out I can think of is Ashley would need to add an option to the behavior so we could set how much this interpolation affects the movement. For example 0-1 based, where 0 is straight lines from node to node and 1 - this what we have on image above.

    I can't think of any other solution - except of making your own pathfinder in events.

  • Yeah you're right, a friend of mine had an idea i might try:

    1. find path and take points x,y on the first node.

    2. find closest point available to this point in the 3-4 neighbor straight lines, find path to this point and walk it.

    3. find path to final destination again and go back to step 1, until you reach the destination.

    It's a little crooked but it will do the trick, i am still looking for a more elegant way to do this.

    Ashley any ideas?

  • , those screen shots are really very nice and good on your site, it's looking almost as nice as other 3D games, well done and good job, I do want to know are you doing that game in C2. I am very happy and excited about it. Keep up the good work.

    Best of Luck.

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  • Yes the videos and screenshots are from gameplay from a C2 version of the game (previously used WME).

  • There is one more thing.

    Pathfinding behavior on "Find path to X,Y" gives you nodes/waypoints, and this is all you need basically.

    Then instead of using "Move along path" you could make your own movement to move and rotate object between these nodes.

    Here's very quick, and ugly example using MoveTo behavior

    But to be honest I like that original movement where player can go anywhere keeping 8dir animations only, it reminds me of old sierra/lucas art games

  • Nice concept, but i would still use the walking of the pathfinding, because i have events set for speed and animation by angle and on arrive for the pathfinding.

    I do use moveto on the object when i am playing different animations, like climbing, jumping, etc.

    I will have to dig into your capx a little, there are some conditions when the nodes are not selected correctly:




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