Help with multi slingshot idea (simultaneous touch)

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  • Hi there fellow constructers,

    I'm working on a game with slingshot mechanics, in wich I'd like to simultaneously control to objects (idea of pushing bottle caps racing). After long hours of figuring out how to control single touched object with the same name I run on a problem that I cannot control them both at once on touch screen (using two fingers - one finger for one object).

    I read a lot of forums and downloaded some examples but cannot make it run on my prototype.

    The most adequate topic is this one (i think) touch-controls-multiple-simultaneous-touches_t124083 but i'm not as skilled in programming as the example given in the post. Sincerely, I'm more designer then programmer and suck at maths and logic

    Can anyone help me to understand how I can make this game use simultaneous touch for two slingshots at once? I think I'm on the right track but spend last hours in searching clues and running with my code in circles.

    Here's a link for my prototype:

    Thanks in advance for any tips!

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