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  • Hi all

    I'm in the middle of writing a new game called Head Football. The idea is that it's a head to head match between one player and a computer controlled character (with hopefully, two human player mode to come) with the target to score more goals than your opponent. I've attached a screenshot of the game so far. Plenty to do but it's coming along well. The players move, the ball's physics work well and a lot of the graphics are complete.

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  • Hi Dansk,

    Today your game is among my favourites for Android. I really love to play it. I've just bought the Zlatan Ibrahimovic skin and a crown for my character. He looks so cool. Zlatan is my favourite player, and indeed I think he deserves a crown He is a king! The thing I like the most about your game is the many game modes it has. Your idea for the power-ups while playing is great.

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