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  • Those flying mechanics of yours look pretty slick. The level of mobility you have with your plane looks pretty great.

  • Thanks, I actually implemented a simple physics family myself, as the standard physics behavior was way too complex and slow (not all of the 1000 use the physics family, maybe up to 400 or so)

  • Added touch controls (full mobile support), physical damage particles, attack boats, more aggressive ai, special ability (dash), high scores, ...

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  • I have to say that it's really looking incredible. The way the colours change based on the time of day, while a simple effect, adds a lot to the overall mood of the game. Great job!

  • Thanks a lot ryanrybot!

    Depending on the time of day the spawning enemies will change too (and day/night cycles will be much slower than what I've shown til now). At night I want to have more futuristic and deadly enemies joining the battlefield. One of the other levels, a snowy version of the red square in Moscow, together with it's iconic church etc., f.e. will feature changing weather conditions and fighting the enemies in a snowstorm will provide an even greater challenge for the player.

    The 6 point gradient map shader which I programmed for the color transitions currently only swaps between two color sets, depending on the time of the day. But as it is fed by a json file, I will add simply one more parameter with which you'll be able to have smooth color transitions for any amount of points in time, like a cool dawn, followed by a bright midday, a warm afternoon and a dark night.

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