Galaxy Runner Stan, the Space Repair Man

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    In a galaxy, far, far away...

    Stan is a simple guy, with one heck of a cool job! Because Stan is responsible for collecting all of the spare parts, and old junk floating around in space. And using it to fix and upgrade the various satellites in orbit around the galaxy.

    G-Runner is a fun and challenging "platform-runner" idea, and we wanted to share what we've made so far!

    Further info

    Stan was one of our very first projects using C2. I learnt a lot of C2 basics while working on the game. Unfortunately, I ended up being distracted by a few other ideas, so the game was eventually shelved. Anyhow, I decided I should really go back and try to finish it off.

    Galaxy Runner Stan the Space Repair Man, may sound like a bit of a mouthful. But we wanted to try and convey the idea of someone with a fantastically exciting and important job, and a very down to earth name and character.

    Dev team

    G-Runner was created and developed by the Blacksmith Software team

    • Tim Smith (development, sound, level design)
    • Arlene Blackwell (artwork, level design)


    We've still got lots of stuff to finish. But we're going to try and release the first area within the next few weeks. After that we've got 4 more areas to work on, and plenty of cool ideas for those.

    Once the first area is completed, we'll post a link so you can try it out

    We hope you enjoy it.

  • The graphics are looking awesome. Your making it mobile since I see the touch screen icons? Am also working on a platform but somehow in doubt if I will also make it for mobile since you are so limited in your controls. At least I find it with the game I make. At the moment I use 5 buttons for control and still have to make the fire and bomb controls Do you have the same experience?

  • The "down to Earth" spaceman, lol, I like the look of this, good luck with it...

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  • peterbot1970, thanks! Luckily we only have two buttons, so we haven't had any control problems. I can see how 5 might be a problem though, is there any way you could reduce or combine them?

    pixel perfick, I wondered who'd be the first to notice that

  • Just finished the animation cycle for our electro-field platform.

  • I like it! but certainly would not wanna step on it...

    Actually is an electro-field platform a good thing to step on?...

  • pixel perfick, nope you certainly wouldn't wanna step on it, because it would zap you good! Perhaps I should refer to it as an electro-field trap instead?

  • He He, or maybe a Zapp trapp...

  • pixel perfick, cool name, I think I may have to steal that one!

  • That maybe the most productive thing I come up with Today...

    But sure, Ya just take it...

  • pixel perfick, thanks buddy, I think I'll take you up on that very kind offer!

  • Well, we know Stan is down to Earth, but we don't want him under the surface, do We?

    Any news, since the Zapp trap? we need more Stan...

  • Hey pixel perfick, yeah thanks for the gentle nudge (I needed it)

    We've been really busy with a couple of other project over the last few weeks. So poor old Stan's orbit has been decaying rapidly

    Anyway, here are three of the space stations we're thinking of using in the game. We still have a little more work to do, before they're ready for the game, but we'd really like to hear what people think of them?

  • Down to Earth Stan and outta this world space stations! I like em, number one is particularly awesome...

  • Here's our new run cycle. It's still a little rough, but we're just testing it before adding the finishing touches.

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