My first go at a touch friendly game, having fun :)

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    I'm having a blast with C2. So easy to use. This is about two days of work. I am so impressed with how well it performs on every device I try it on, even the mobile browser on my s4 handles it okay!

    Eventually this will become something of a space role playing game where attacks are calculated via stats and equipment with fetch and assisnation quests/stores/etc. Fun stuff!

    So yeah, this is my first attempt at touch friendly anything. Just swipe to move your ship with a virtual joystick. There's not much else yet, <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Tested it on chrome on my samsung galaxy tab 3, runs great, however if you just tap the screen, the joystick stays on screen, but I like this kind of controls.

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  • Oh yeah look at that! Any idea what that is? I set a flag for "on any touch start" and "on any touch end". Does a tap register differently?

    I like these types of controls as well, especially when coupled with invisible action buttons on the opposite side. I think it's the most natural set up to make a phone feel like a controller and lends its self to mice and joysticks as well.

  • Got it. Because during a quick touch the fade out was finishing before the fade in, so it ended with opacity 100 instead of 0. Thanks!

  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to do blog style posts or not.

    The weekend comes to a close and I push up my Sunday night update. I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. I don't know how people can crank out a game in 48 hours. This shoddy little demo consists of days of labor, learning, and experimentation. I'm sure it will get better with time.

    Next phase of dialog system, branching dialog text with attached events (try plundering the moon)

    Ship movement is less jerky and more space like (you now have to actually turn/rotate)

    Fixed bug on the demo ship's engine animation

    Added beginnings of weapons systems, demo ship has two weapon bays with a demo weapon in each

    Added a couple of red ships... in the future ships will be closer to their size (and thus detail) so i can make weapons bigger/cooler.

    I think that's it.

    I need to blog about this so I'll set one up soon. If I don't keep active on it, it will become another failed project. I've been toying with making games since the dawn of time, it's about time I finish one. RAWR.

  • It turns out C2 is vulnerable to the same kind of 1st world programmer problems as conventional engines, I was snagged on a simple bug for days with program flow. I learned that instances are local to the scope they're in only, but are globally available upon the next tick. So I just tossed in a wait .01 seconds and it cleared it all up.

    So after so many days of grinding, I've finally pushed up again.

    New in this:

    Better analog joystick movement/control over speed

    Afterburn dependent on your ship speed

    Larger more detailed demo ship that will most likely make it into the end game as playable.

    Turrets now shoot harmless lasers (beginnings of weapons systems)

    To demo branching dialog, hover over the moon and choose plunder.

    Feedback would be great. I know there is a small graphics smudge in the dialog windows that i'll fix, and the player ship looks a little fuzzy. I'm not a designer/graphics guy by any means.

    I really feel play control is key to a good game. How does ship movement feel?

    Do all graphics come across as themed and consistent?


  • So here we are, Sunday evening, and pushed up. A lot of my time gets sucked into graphics. Even though I bought a whole set it still requires a lot of customization. I think it's coming out okay. It started to feel like a grind, so I switched objectives to some smaller tasks that I knew I could accomplish quickly.

    I bought the audio resources from the Scirra asset store. I'm being careful to make sure I retain all of the commercial rights I need to actually sell this game. So far between construct2, audio, and the indie graphics bundle I've invested $440 and am not using any open source or questionable source files.

    Here's the changes in the update

    • Really shoddy splash screen
    • Music and Sfx toggle buttons
    • Music and Sfx
    • Thrust sound is dynamic to player speed
    • Moon commlink dialog changed to make sense
    • Incremental weapons system update,
    • - Each bay will be blue (active), green (locked on), or red (no power)
    • - Turrets now attatch reticule to their target


    New Android APK [30MB]

    New Web Build


    feedback always welcome. The next update / push will probably be web related as I start fleshing out a home for surolace on the web, including some sort of wiki that can double as a design document.

    On my corei5 gtx265, in chrome, I get 120fps in fullscreen (120hz monitor) and 40-60 in windowed.

    On my samsung s4 phone using the apk I get 60fps, in chrome I get 30-40fps, in the system browser I get 10-20 jumpy fps

  • looks awesome. you made the music and everything? are u using fontsprites there or just images? how do you make it fullscreen?

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback !

    I bought the music from the scirra store on a whim. I'm making every effort to make sure I retain commercial rights to sell everything I produce. The graphics I mostly bought from the Indie Graphics Bundle on steam, though I have spent hours customizing the little bit that is shown in the current build. (I have like a gig of space sprites and animations to work with!). As for fonts, I'm getting them from fontsquirrel and embedding the CSS as a project file.

    Fullscreen was easy, it worked that way by default with C2. I just did

    On Click Text -> [browser: request full screen]

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