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  • Hi everyone! This is my very first game, which I've been working on for about 7 months.

    I'd really like to have some constructive feedback. When i posted it on Newgrounds, i made the mistake of uploading it when it was barely finished. This, in some way, made the game less 'visible' to the people that like to provide feedback about new games there...

    Anyway, i really like the results i got. I'm not an artist (the only thing i made, when i was younger, was some oil painting here and there), and i began learning about making games as i developed Grave Clicker. Here is the link to my creation:


    The things i'm working on adding in the game are: a priest that annoys the player; some vermins capable of damaging the grinder; snowy places or more climates; new kinds of graves and an endless graveyard (like a challenge mode) with infinite respawn of graves.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Macebo

    Well, from my 15 minute of digging those graves I can say that I love the artwork, I like the sound.

    The gameplay at the level 2 and up is kinda hard for me, I maybe try it later

    So, my conclusion is "Yeah, I have a good feeling for this game."

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  • Thanks, it means a lot!

  • This looks really polished! graphics are really good, so I guess you can call yourself an artist.

  • Can't say how thankfull i am with those compliments... I guess i can get used with the idea of calling myself an artist

    Thanks a lot!

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