[Feedback Request] Cannons & Cans - my new game!

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'd love if you guys could visit, play and feedback upon my new game Cannons and Cans. It can be played at http://www.eyepatch.com.br/cnc

    Thanks in advance to everyone!

  • I'm not sure how to play. What are the rules and object of the game?

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  • Ops, my bad... uploaded a version w/o the tutorial =(

    You just have to change the cans colors to match the falling balls.

    In 60 seconds mode, it will run a countdown timer

    In infinite, it will run until you miss a match.

    Will try to upload the tutorial version today. Sorry.

  • Ok cool. Well I played a few times and made it up to 15 points. It's an interesting idea. It's probably not something that I would play very often though to be honest. It might be more fun if you made each of the cans a different color and you scroll them left to right to catch the correct color balls in the correct color can. Also, a couple times I died even though the ball was the correct color (it was orange both times). Your orange and brown can be hard to distinguish on some monitors so you might want to consider changing those colors a bit, but that wasn't the issue with why I died. I didn't try the 60 seconds mode so I don't have any feedback on that.

  • Thank you!

    I'm still planning on adding 2 or 3 more game modes.

  • Maybe think up a few different ways to play and make some levels to go through each with different objectives (as far how how to catch the balls etc)

  • Your game is unfair.

    randomized bullets different click frequenzy.

    Why you use 4 colors? 3 are not enough?

    Why you use not left (forward) and right (backward) mousebuttons to change.

    If i could use keyboard with 4 keys for each color in combination with mouse your game wouldn't be a challenge.

    Your only game challenge is your controls. Sry.

  • Thank you. Don't think you need to be sorry. Facto is the game is being made for mobile, the web version is just a beta for testing.

    Sorry if it didn't please you.

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