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  • Hey great community!

    First, as always, sorry for my english

    I was working on my game 60Seconds, but i reworked the "theme" of that game, so now it's changed to:


    The same gamemode:

    Combine as many eyes of the same color as possible with one move - in one minute!

    The more eyes you selected, the more points you get.

    Selecting only two eyes will destroy them, but you get no points (two eyes are to easy *g*)

    With a combo of three or more eyes you get a random special eye on the screen.

    Destroying that eye, a special effect will be generetated (time-bonus, area-explosion, destroy all eyes in horizontal or vertical line, destroy all eyes of the same color or lightning effect, what destroy five other random eyes)


    • It's a pre-alpha version, so the game is not ready!
    • Only the menue have sounds yet, the game don't.
    • The first screen (grey, with version on bottom) is only placeholder. Touch anywhere to continue.
    • Also the screen after clicking on "Start Game" is a placeholder (for level-selection, i think). Clicking there on the blue button, the game will start.
    • In the menue you can change some settings in the options-menue (effect-level, blood&gore, shake, virbate, sound, hud).
    • The info-menue is also not "filled" at the moment.

    I have no Andorid Phone, so i can't test the vibrate-function.

    I hope anyone can test it on mobile device and report the performance and if vibrate works.

    Playing on a mobile browser does not have a good performance, i know - but i hope the game will rum better as native app, right?

    Thanks to all of you!

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