Dynamic Sketch Book [dev log]

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  • Thanks spongehammer - I appreciate that. Cheers!

  • It's looking great. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks GenkiGenga!

    Update: 48 levels now completed. Some are easy and some are quite hard. I've got lots of tidying to do - instruction screens and the like, then I think I'm just about ready to put it in a store! One more give to the beta test team and then my excuses start to run out. Gulp...

  • So - in a fit of crazy optimism, I have entered the game in the Green Light thrash-athon. I think I need to put some more work in - luckily I'm enjoying making it!!

  • OK, a quick progress update. I've decided on a theme for the next few levels - which will take the final total up to 60...!! I'll post some screen shots and maybe a video in a few days, once I'm happy with the 'art'.

    The Steam Green Light process wasn't too hard to set up and I'm not getting flamed (too much!) by the voters. Time will tell...

    I expect to have this released on itch.io and, if they will ever approve my developer account, Indie Game Stand as well. I'm also going to look into a demo and a pay version for Kongregate - it's been a while since I've been over there so I'm going to have to do some reading...

    Anyway, enough procrastination, back to drawing rockets...

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  • This looks like a lot of fun! Please let us know when the final version is out and ready to go.

  • Thanks mepis - will do. A couple more weeks - perhaps a month max (for itch - maybe a year to infinity for Steam LOL!).

    Here's a screen shot from the new chapter...

  • So..... I think I'm done! As in really finished!

    60 levels have been completed in themed 'chapters' of 12... some artwork has been updated, some music has been created, and lots and lots of lessons have been learned.

    Here's a link to a demo version of the game here: Newgrounds link, which gives you access to the first 14 levels of the game. Please have a go, vote how you feel and share if you think it's worth it. The game is for sale on itch.io and will also be available on a couple of other sites over the next week or so.

    Regarding Steam and the Green Light hurdle, I don't have the following (or time around my day job) to engage properly in that community to nurture a Steam following, so we'll see if the Green Light process is ever successful....

  • Also - thank you spacedoubt - I appreciate the feedback and advice / help!

    mepis - tagged as requested. It's finished - well, version 1.01.5 is at least LOL....

  • Colludium It was my pleasure! The game is great! Happy to help!

  • excellent !!!

  • Hi,

    On chapter 1 lvl5 sometimes the ball push up the bicycle on a rail (draw by player) when the bicycle bounce on the ball

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