Dragonhelm (Tactical roleplaying game)

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  • Absolutely amazing work. The only limits for C2 is truly your own creativity. I'll be checking in on your project daily.

    Oh and never regret the large scope of your game. Just as long as you are ready to put years in. There's really no reason your goals won't be accomplished. Surprise the world one day with that epic full release!

    Thanks for that

    I just hope it will be a full release, that's enough for me

  • After a request from the forum about a tutorial for the dungeon generator, I decided to spend some time making that. Which took a bit of time, but it let me go through the code in details step by step and I did find some garbage code that I could remove.

    However it took some time off from further developing my own generator, but I did manage to integrate it into my game and create an object layer, which will be used for dungeon clutter, ladders and so own. Which will help make the dungeons more unique and give them a more interesting environment. I also managed to integrate a full save and load functionality, so players can exit and re-enter any dungeon that they have former visited should they need to go to town to sell loot or revive a fallen group member. Since I integrated it into the game, there will be no more demos of it, as the other ones were developed in separated projects and could easy be turned into demos.

    Tutorial for Dungeon generator Tutorial for Dungeon Generator


    After some fiddling around I have now turned it into a real rogue style dungeon generator which support any size both in level size but also with endless number of depth levels. This is a small step for mankind but a giant leap for my dungeon generator

  • Nice work! Love the graphical style! Will keep an eye on this

  • [quote:22fhcubt]Nice work! Love the graphical style! Will keep an eye on this

    Thanks a lot, however none of the graphics are likely to be in the final game, as its just graphics that I use during development or training purposes and then when its close to being finished Ill either try to find someone that will help with it or do a complete overhaul my self, which depends a bit on how many graphic elements I need, but since I don't really aim for making the game a graphical miracle anyway I might be able to do it rather fast while keeping it the style I want, which is like a good old '90s roleplaying game.

  • [quote:1bi62onw]which is like a good old '90s roleplaying game

    That is exactly the feel it gave. Like a HD version of the ol' classic RPG art. Gives it a certain charm.

  • [quote:e8uxl343]That is exactly the feel it gave. Like a HD version of the ol' classic RPG art. Gives it a certain charm.

    Yeah now that I think about it I see what you mean, found an old image from one of the games that inspired this one. And its shows how the combat system works and what im aiming for with this one as well.

    But the graphic is just a bit to pixelated so I guess that your comment about it being a HD version of it is pretty accurate

  • looks good

  • Haha, I think there is a large gap in the market for old school RPG style games with modern elements. Any idea on how long until a demo/release or is it an as and when you are done scenario?

  • [quote:2ygxggyq]Haha, I think there is a large gap in the market for old school RPG style games with modern elements.

    I honestly don't think there are a lot of people that remember those games, but the gameplay in them are amazing the only thing I didn't really like about them was they always had level caps which annoyed me, because then you would always have the feeling that you would reach the end soon.

    [quote:2ygxggyq] Any idea on how long until a demo/release or is it an as and when you are done scenario?

    To get the game to a very early personal alpha is not that far away I hope and that is my current goal. But it will be so all the major parts of the game works. Which would be that the player can walk around the map, enter dungeons and cities and engage in fights.

    And at the moment the walk around the map works you can enter dungeons and Dragonhelm is the only city available at the moment that you can enter and interact with while inside, but it is enough that it should be fairly easy to make it so you can enter the rest, which is more a matter of making the cities them self. Then I actually "just" need to make the tactical combat system, with the things that it requires like some enemies.

    Then it would be in a state where it more a matter of expanding the things and fill in all the gaps and make them work. So hopefully I can get to start working on the combat system. Which is only hold up as im doing some fixes to the character sheet, but I hope to be able to complete it today and then ill start working on that.

    But to get the game into the first real alpha that I will release will probably take a bit longer, as I don't want to release it if to many things are off and not working correctly. There is also a lot of work to be done with menus and such still which would make an alpha impossible as it would most likely crash all the time when used wrong.

  • Update:

    Working a bit with creating a character sheet and made it so it can now be opened from anywhere in the game, and at the same time replaced the skill lists with sprite list which is a nice improvement I think as it gives it a more consistent look. However the character sheet took a bit longer than expected as some of the old code needed to be updated and there are still lacking some features.

  • Sweet. Keep it going!

  • Sethmaster nice ideas, I don't know why I never thought of placing assets in logically seperated layouts. I just dumped them all into one layout, just grouped them by positioning them. And using the events sheets for these seperated layouts to write behaviours for these assets is awesome idea. Again I just dumped many behaviours into groups such as "environment", "camera" etc. into one "coremechanics" event sheet and included it in every other sheet. Of all your suggestions, I was only using functions to it's fullest.

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  • wow looking great!

  • wow looking great!


    Finally having fixed the character sheet, I started working on the tactical part of the game and its going to take a while before that is going to be finished, as I don't really have a lot of content made for this part in regards of monsters and clutter, so have to make some objects for this, so I can do some testing, as I want to make it so each room are randomly generated, and hopefully make it so clutter can be placed in a way that they make sense. But to be honest I have no clue how to do that. But I have some ideas of how to do it, so hopefully it will work.

    Also I aim to make it so clutter is more than just graphics but so some can be used for cover, some improve stealth like carpets and others like light sources will reduce it. Would also like to make it so certain clutter block line of sight and so on. But the main idea is that the player and the monsters (Hopefully) can use the environment for there benefit during fight, so the fights will be a lot more tactical than just point and click.

    However so far I have manage to make it so rooms can be randomly generated in whatever size and shape needed, so they aint always just a square (Screenshot below is just a setup, and not a generated one). So at the moment im just making some random clutter, which I can use to make the clutter generator.

    Here is a screenshot of a setup just showing how it looks so far.

  • Hey, great game so far. How did you go about constructing the world map? I gather it's not randomly generated. Are you using a very large tile map?

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