[DevLog] Crater Hounds - Rogue-lite shooter

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  • Having a hard time getting the brightness right. On some devices these look really dark, on my workstation they're fine.

    What's it like for you guys, brightness ok or too dark?

  • Quick update:

    Started integrating a first pass of environmental tiles, map is not yet done. Will keep updating the arcade version until the first level is done.

    Try for yourself here:

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/shooting- ... v-02-17020

    Next I'll look into lights and FX to bring the maps to live more; then I'll be iterating over responsiveness of camera and controls a bit.

  • testing some enemy proportions. some working, some not.

    still needs colorizing.

  • As I've been updating the demo mission I encountered and resolved a few glitches that affected difficulty.

    I'm finding the game significantly more challenging more, especially range combat, But that's just my personal impression ...

    I would love to get some feedback on how the currently difficulty is perceived! Can i get some of you guys to give me some impressions?

  • Been experimenting with lighting a bit. Yeah, I'm that horrible with colors ... liking the vividness though.

    Couple things are still on the wrong layer still, hence not lit correctly

    Also reworked camera leading/dragging and general combat feedback.

  • Got a first pass of the dungeon generation up.

    Only generates a single theme so far, and mission objectives and difficulty control aren't in yet, as well as many other features.

    But dungeon generation works and is ready for extending!

    Try here:


  • Updated the demo, it now features 3 mission types to choose from.

    Sabotage: Destroy the Power Node

    Retrieval: Steal the Mech

    Purge: Kill everything

  • Becoming more complete of an experience, check it here:


    The game has finally found its structure and scope.

    I'm working towards making it a rogue-lite twin-stick shooter, with loads of Mechs and Guns to find along the way and more options to unlock across multiple session.

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  • A lot has happened, just swinging by here for a few impressions of where things are these days:

    A quick introduction of the Player character: The Hound Trooper

    The basic Rig, callable via Drop Pod:

    Anomalies - a mutator system that modifies random gameplay aspects

    in this case: time moves only when the player moves ...

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