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  • Hello everyone. I wanted to share my demo project I did in construct - Megaman BattleVerse (Midnite Arcade).

    Since I can't post links, just google Megaman BattleVerse and you'll find my midnitearcade.wordpress.com site

    It is my first every gaming project and any feedback, ideas, criticism, complaints, bugs, etc. would be grateful. Also, any questions on what I did in construct to do this is great too. A lot of guides, videos, tutorials on this site and others in dealing with programming and construct helped, but most of the ideas in implementation were my own in making the engine work.

    The idea (which I know has been done before, but I am going to design it to completion) is Megaman in different NES worlds. I made it to abide completely like it is an 8-bit nes game (like mm 9 and 10) so same screen size, sprites, etc. as well as the way it plays. I'll be updating when I can on bugs, new levels, etc. every week or two. I just finished up this version (V.0.2.8) and has two complete levels. I did not make one for the scirra arcade because I had way too many problems trying to get it down in size. Anyways, I included a link to my site that has a stream browser version, and a downloadable node kit version for Windows. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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  • The link for those interested

    Movement: WASD

    M: Jump

    N: Shoot

    Enter: Inventory/pause

    It does indeed play like Megaman, much nostalgia and good job on that. Would love see custom controls, but I saw you're working on that. It doesn't feel right on keyboard Is this also a learning project for something non-fanmade perhaps?

  • Thank you. I tried really hard to make it identical to the original.

    Custom controls are coming next along with some menu updates and minor fixes as well. Also, it is setup to use a controller as well (I only tested with a xbox controller using the node kit and chrome for streaming).

    This is a very big learning project for me. I wanted to make a game as my first project one I would want to play and megaman and some old school 8 bit was it. I have been studying c# and Java for the last year, and decided to finally jump in and work on a prototype and learn using construct. My hope is to complete the project for my programming portfolio, and then move on coding it in unity. One of those learn and apply everything I have studied (currently in final year of school) and then move on to my own game. That will take some time though. I have a artist and musician but when you can only use your free time, it takes a while, so I am hoping to finish this within a couple months and start on my new project.

    Thank you again for the comment. It means a lot. I been hoping to hear feedback or questions.

  • Holy smokes! That is AMAZING! The graphics are perfectly smooth and WOW!

  • Thank you very much. Feel free to provide comments, critiscms, etc.

    I spent a lot of time to get it to 60 fps since i am still learning so i spent alot of time figuring everything on my own but i am more then willing to share what i learned/how i did certain things in the game.

    A big part if this project is to see a game through to the end using the sdlc to get familiar and implent what ive studied in each part. That is why this game is meant to be as exact to the original as possible like mm9/mm10 are (pretty much, can i follow a design blueprint and solve the systems). So, sans the slide and mbuster shot, the timing on movement, jump height, speed, transition speeds, etc are as close to identical from mm4-mm6 depending.

    Btw. I cant respond to PMs yet but ill check out your file asap. Also, i would like to share my capx files, but not yet. I dont feel i can share yet since the way i coded is a bit different than alot of thr tutorials so it would be confusing and probably useless ( i have a lot of the independant systems that are coupled to others minorly, but will break if not used in conjunction that i need to fix). But please, let me know what i can do to help with your project. What issues are you having?

  • Fantastic job!! Almost every aspect covered, even the scroll effect to change scenes. Impressive! Hope to see this game developing.

  • Wow, really good !


  • Rad! Brought me back to my days as a child

  • Very cool! It leaves me wanting more!

  • Thank you for all the comments everyone.

    I am still working on the next parts (completing maps and assets for next three levels) but got behind with life. I have a good list of bugs to fix, cosmetics, etc and hope to get the next level out in a few weeks.

    Thanks everyone for trying it out. More to come. My site where it is posted will be more frequently updated along with changelog and what im adding (assets, and adding predictive shot methods). Any questions or comments, fire away.

  • So, if anyone has played me demo are interested, I am still working on Megaman BattleVerse. I really wish I started with a small project, but I am going to finish this project one way or another! Any case, my new update will be out soon and instead of level at a time, I am including 3 new levels, weapons, etc. I spent some time refining and cleaning up quite a bit of code as well as organizing a lot of my abstracts and classes better for importing for later as well so if anything else, i am much more prouder of how the engine and my backend turned out. Any case, stay tuned and I'll get a new update out soon, and I hope you like the choices I made for the levels, weapons and design (remember, I am trying to design the idea around megaman in different games, but the weapons/levels have to fit in with a megaman design) so there are changes to acommodate that, as well as making the weapons meaningful and useful in their own right (I'm looking at you TopSpin from MM3). Thanks for checking out my project too.

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