Creating a stats generator in under 30 events!

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  • Hey guys,

    I've been tinkering with this project for generating base stats for players in an rpg style (or any style!) game. The problem I was having was with the math making sure that all the stat points were allocated properly, not going over or leaving any out. Then, I made it so after you generate the stats you can reallocate them as you please with a nice visual to let you know when you can and can't take or give points! What I like about this though, is that you can easily add more points to be allocated or even additional skills to put the points into and it will still work fine so it's scalable.

    All in all, it's a pretty simple system, but I didn't see something else like it so, I figured I'd post it up and see what you guys thought or if anyone could use it for their game. I won't waste your time explaining it here, so if you want to check it out, the capx is included below along with some screen shots.

    The only problem left now is where to properly post this because, I do plan to continue working on it and implementing it into other things however, the system itself is "done" technically!



    Lemme know what you guys think, hope some of you get some use out of it for learning purposes or otherwise!

  • Hi ryanhagz thanks for the resource.

  • No problem hundredfold glad it did some good for you!

    I'm thinking about adding some kind of preset system for it as well. Maybe create 4 generic classes like, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Assassin and then having it so when you choose one of the presets, it leans towards 2 of the skills more so that would be suited for that particular class (i.e choosing tank will result in your health and armor coming back as the primary skills. Mage - Damage & Energy. Fighter - Armor & damage, etc.)

    Don't know how it'll work out though. If I work out something I like I'll post an update.

  • Thanks

  • thank for that good work =)

  • Good job on this I think it could be really useful for some people.

  • Nice, nice & nice! Now ryanhagz go make capx example in tutorial section. I don't think we who subscribe to that newsletter would want to miss this.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you all liked it.

    I'd be more than happy to post a tutorial for this, I'll work on it tonight!

  • Just posted the tutorial Monumental along with an updated example showing how to add additional skills if someone wants to!

    It can be found here.

    ...only 4 hours work...well 2, but ya know, closing the tab when you're 95% done a tutorial is never fun...

    Cheers guys!

  • thanks man! will dig through this soon!

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  • Thanks ryanhagz that's more than just a capx example. It's a real tutor! Like Beaverlicious "will dig through this soon!"

  • Not bad, but you are using a lot of objects for something quite simple like that

    Now when you have it done make it better. Everything here can be done using 1 sprite and 1 text object only.

    Use sprite for - and +, don't use text object for that!

    Instead of all that text object, use only one with text variable to differentiate them.

    Everything in "'+' & '-" Functionality" group could probably be replaced by one function.

    Anyway, keep it up and keep optimizing!

  • shinkan you're absolutely right! For some reason when I create things, I think of them in pieces and then create EVERY piece individually. I know it's not good practice, but old habits die hard.

    I'll look into fixing it up a bit more and updating the tutorial as well!

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