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  • Hi

    I am playing around with an Endless Submarine Runner, this is just a concept, so I was wondering what you think?

    It is primarily aimed for mobile, in landscape, and best played this way, but I have made it playable on PC also to get a bit of feedback, it's a prototype, and might not even make it to production, depending on feedback.

    At present it's in letterbox mode, so black bars I'm afraid.

    There are 4 Zones, which repeat, all the Paths are random, and made on the fly, so to speak.

    The concept is a Submarine, and it has to avoid all terrain and enemies, and grab stars etc.

    On mobile, it's touch in front of submarine to move.

    On PC its mouse button down and move mouse, in front of Submarine.

    Mobile Version is here

    And link for either is here.

    Let me know what you think, bearing in mind, it's only a very early prototype.


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