Color Theme Editor for C2 - release 4 [COMPLETE]

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  • Update - Release 4

    New features:

    * Preview selection colors now finally include the Condition and Action selection borders.

    * New scrollable embedded help with information on controls, interface, workflow, examples, and more. (M-Click to toggle XML view)

    * Color hue name display, shows name of nearest Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, or Quaternary color, for a total of 24 names evenly spaced around the color wheel.

    * Color Hue preview bar has a variety of display styles. (hover and Mouse Wheel to change style.)

    * Color Hue preview bar styles with variant hues or hue gradients can be right clicked to adjust the current Hue. This is handy for uniformly rotating the hue of several elements in quick succession.

    * Added optional toggleable Hue Zone modifiers. Press "W" to display the hue strips as separated bars. Press "Q" for partial desaturation.

    * 15 new themes come with the download, combined with the prior 25, for a total of 40 themes in all, including some variations.

    * Various bug fixes, and optimizations.

    * Happy Valentines Day, all. :)




    Themes Bundle - Fisholith Themes

    (This is the Themes bundle, by itself. Note, the Editor downloads include this bundle.)

    Theme Editor r4

    New Themes



    (Like the Scirra Site theme I made for the first bundle, this is based on the GameJolt site colors. Also like the Scirra Site theme, no one asked me to create it or anything, I just kind of like the colors. This is probably overkill as a disclaimer, but better safe than sorry.)








    fi_NeodymiumComBlue (Neodymium with Blue tinted comments)






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  • I can not download

  • Hey , (...not sure how to a name with a space in it)

    Thanks for letting me know.

    I just updated the links, so they should work now.

  • The theme bundle link is broken.

  • Thanks for letting me know ,

    I fixed the links.

    This is the updated bundle.

    Themes Bundle - Fisholith Themes

    It also includes some notes on choosing and setting C2 "Styles", which are different from "Themes".

    Example of choosing a Style

    Styles - what are they?

    Styles vs Themes

    "Styles" are different from "Themes".

    Themes mainly set colors for event sheets. (You can edit them with my Theme Editor, or in C2's properties.)

    Styles set the colors for the overall user interface, like scrollbars, and panels. (Style colors aren't editable.)

    Choosing a Style

    1. On the ribbon, choose the "View" tab.

    2. Click the "Style" button (with the brush icon), and from the drop menu, choose a style.

    (Note: The default style is found under "Office styles" > "Office 2010 Silver".)

    The 3 notable Styles

    • Office 2010 Silver - This is the default theme for C2.
    • Visual studio 2012 Dark - Good for dark themes.
    • Carbon - Not as dark as 2012 Dark, but it's the only other Style with a dark background.

    Tip: If you use a dark Theme, then also change the Style to "Visual studio 2012 Dark",

    so you don't have bright white panels right beside the dark event sheet.

    Style Limitations

    C2 comes with some pre-built Styles to choose from, but you can't edit their colors.

    This is because Styles are developed by Microsoft, and embedded across a mixture of DLLs and system files.

    The 3 important styles

    Dark Styles are important because they can be paired with dark Themes.

    All styles for comparison

  • And thank you for updating them fisholith

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