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  • Little game i was working on for mobile. check it out, need feedback please ... 9/coinrain

  • First of all, the canvas size is so small that I can barely see what I'm doing

    second, there is no even a title menu?

    Third, There is no how to play, there is no sufficient gameplay that the player can play from.

    Fourth, sorry but, The graphics are not good enough for publishing and you are publishing on Playstore dear.

    So this is my feedback, hope you take my words and implant it in your games.

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  • I checked out your game and I have to say there is a game in there, but it needs a lot of polish. Here is my feedback in no particular order:

    1- Start by increasing the canvas size. Not everyone can see everything at this tiny size.

    2- The mechanics of picking up stuff while making sure you don't get hit is alright.

    3- You didn't give me any incentive to actually click on the bombs to destroy them before they land as you mentioned. I started the game and was about to do exactly as you mentioned but decided against it. So I went throughout the game till I got a score of 2048 and I stopped there. This game is way more easy than it should be. There is not even a need to destroy the bombs before they land. Which brings the below point:

    4- If you are going to ask the player to do something give them a reason to do it beyond the "I said so" kind of thing. Make it that if they didn't destroy the bomb before landing it would kill them or something.

    5- I am guessing this game is about who gets the high score thing? If that is true, then you need to make it challenging for me to get a high score so people can boast about it. Make the things fall down faster. Make the coins disappear faster, etc... either base it on luck (I recommend against it) or base it on skill.

    6- I am going to assume that the graphics and music are both placeholders. So I am not going to mention anything regarding that part.

    7- The bar on the left side that keeps on filling. What the use or point of it being there? I didn't feel there is any difference of it being there or not at all. So you may want to either give it a use or accentuate its current function.

    8- I'd implement a retry button rather than sending the player to the main menu so he can play again. Saving the player as many clicks as possible is a good strategy (while I am not a fan of the person, but there is a reason why Steve Jobs had a restriction when developing iOS that you can get to any thing on your phone in 3 taps or less).

    All in all, there is potential here and this could be a really fun game but as mentioned it still needs a lot polish. With time and effort I believe there is something that can come out of it.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for the feedback. I have updated the game, please let me know what you think.

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