Candy Can Combo [match-3 WIP]

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  • Instead of waiting for perfect working match-3 puzzle project to finish, would be better just showing slow progress over this things.

    I am planning to sell the project file as a template with a level editor too, of course after get rid unwanted bugs!

    It won't be on store any time soon until the demo highly playable and consistent.

    Updated demo will be always here:

  • Looks great! I will buy it as soon as it's ready. Please hurry

  • DetteMan

    While you are waiting, here a free template for you to play with:

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  • be waaaaaaiting.. thx

  • This is looking good Alextro. I think the word "Candy" is now trademarked by King though.

  • Thanks mate, candy just a catchy word to spell-out

    No more match? Shuffle then.

  • Waiting... Will make a puzzle RPG later, after I'm finished working the update for Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush.

  • Need to make sure every process visible visually.

  • Demo update: fix diagonal movement >> updated link is always in first post or click here

    Took me quite extra time to solve diagonal movement to get correct. The trouble comes when it come to picking which block need to slide down and fill the empty pad or which direction a block need to slide to. By utilizing negative value (-1) this problem is handle elegantly that acts as a switch & chooser

    So by applied this method gives us more dynamic slide movement since there is a cance to pick left side or right side.

    This one I called a candy machine

  • Doing some graphical things & continue perfecting the gameplay.

  • Seeing as how you're developing this, you must know about the many bajillion match-3 games out there and how they actually work. I... don't. What exactly is the gameplay system/rule set that most of these games follow? Is your game build following a particular game and will it be possible to adjust things to a developer's own rules?

    I'm totally looking forward to working with your game build/template in the future.

  • Hi YoHoho thanks for your interest to this thread

    Yes I have been doing some observation to many puzzle games especially match-3. Each match-3 games share common things, yet they have different feel when you play them.

    For example Candy Crush need the player to swipe over 2 pieces meanwhile Farm Heroes has more flexible control, swipe or tap both are working. Combo/special piece also has different rule. Some games will transform a piece into special one and some other will just add extra attribute into a back plate.

    So I pick some features from one and some elements from other and make it my own. The core system alone is complex, changing main rule would be broken some mechanics.

    What can be customize are layout design (play-shape arena), score goal, item goal. change graphics (obviously). I would like to add level editor but it is more important to ensure stability.

    Next update: combo pieces for extra crush!

  • Update demo: Candy_can_combo

    • introducing special pieces result from horizontal/vertical match 4, cross match, any match 5
    • showing clue after more than 2s not touching any piece

    Everything seem fine at this stage, might release this puzzle template soon this November.

  • Breaking some plates can be fun too.

  • Looking very professional alextro!

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