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  • Thought I'd take a moment to talk about my project and hopefully get some feedback.

    Blast Process Nonja (working title) is a rhythm based infinite runner.

    taking inspiration from Canabalt, Bit.Trip Runner, Rez and Gunstar Heroes,

    BPN will use a simple 1 button control scheme.

    The player character will automatically run right and players will either have to tap or double tap to move

    the avatar between floor/ceiling and wall/wall. the player will have to jump between them to dodge obstacles, holes,

    and gates with precise timing to run as far as they can.

    The song playing will start out minimalist, with either just a drum beat, bass line, etc.

    every 1000m the player successfully runs, another layer of audio adds to it (a la Rez)

    Jumping, flipping and clearing gates, plays sound effects that would fit the genre of the avatar.

    there are 4 planned avatars each with a unique genre of music:

    Nonja: (cosplay geek)

    JGR:(jet skates like jet grind radio)

    Getsu Pumaden: (cat samurai)

    Atom Runner: (Cyborg)

    More avatars are planned and will be added as songs are done:

    El Mariachi (Mariachi guitarist)

    80's Rapper w/ boombox (try to make this not racist)

    Glitch (looking like Rez avatar)

    The point is to make a solid music runner with excellent re-playablity.

    song packs would be reasonably priced when available.

    Art style would most likely be pixel or vector based, no 3d actors.

    pre-rendered backgrounds could be a possibility.

    So, what do you folks think?

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