Bleak Fortress !

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  • Damn!! this look so promising!!!!!!Fantastic job!

  • Looks awesome.

    I'd love to see it in motion... could you record some gameplay?

  • Hi there. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the feedbacks. To answer your question, a trailer will be in the work soon! Stay tuned.

  • Loving the tileset work, and congrats for a well polished GUI, . Looking forward to seeing game-play in action!

  • Thanks inquiesco! Thoses feedback are very appreciated.

  • Looks promising, nice HUD too.

    And the C# part sounds interesting.

  • This looks awesome! I'm gonna be staying up to date on this!

  • Here some more updates about this project.

    Sorry for the long delay before posting any more updates here or on the website. I am still working very hard on the game. The reason is because due to some technical limitations with Construct 2 and lots of other good reasons aswell i decided to move to the Unity engine. This was a very hard decision since i had the prototype all ready in Construct 2 and this involve a lots of work to be somewhat trashed. But to be honest i don't see it like that. It was a great experience to me and Construct 2 was really fun to use and powerful aswell.

    I just want to be clear. This is not a post saying one engine is better than the other.. its been a long time i stopped looking at this kind of comments and i am not posting this so others consider Unity that is not the point at all. To be honest using Unity is really more challenging and require a lots of programming skills. Construct 2 is a very very nice tool which enable you to do amazing things in a very short period of time and there is a very good chance i use it again but since the project somewhat evolved to a new level it was just not the right tool for the job anymore. Construct 2 is very good at what it is which is an HTML 5 based game engine which can extend to many platforms but since i am a skilled C# programmer (which i use almost everyday) it was just a natural choice for me to jump on Unity, this will improve a lot my coding skills aswell.

    On top of that.. i needed some features i couldn't have with Construct 2. I want to explore the Xbox One and PS4 options aswell. Microsoft is already aware i am porting the game to the Xbox One console.

    On a side note, a proffessional 30 year experienced sound and music composer (which worked on 2k games projects and snowboarding videos for company like Burton) joined the project from his own will. This is rather rare nowdays but he pushed me in the right direction. He is now a partner of mine.

    Here the progress so far. The conversion is done at about 15-20% right now.

    Thanks for your support! Since this project do not belong anymore to Construct 2 projects i won't post any updates here anymore if you want to keep an update please use the website/twitter or blog at

    Thanks again! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

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  • The game looks really great so far, and i hope you good luck with it!

    what struggles did you have with Construct 2 while making the game?

  • The game looks really great so far, and i hope you good luck with it!

    what struggles did you have with Construct 2 while making the game?

    Thanks you.

    I will be honest of what i liked or not about Construct 2 in that kind of project.

    On the good sides...

    • The editor is very very user friendly.
    • The event sheets are really nicely done.
    • Global layers in recent updates are a really nice feature that was lacking but its now there.
    • Very good WebGL effects.
    • You can make amazing stuff in no time.
    • Very user friendly for poeple that starting programming and making games.. basically any artist out there can make games easily which is a good thing.
    • Many powerful pre-made behaviours which can solve problems you don't have to care about later.
    • Many export options offcourse.

    On the down side... there is one major problem we had but that not related to Construct 2 itself it just how it handled the problem and 3 minors one.

    • First of all, our major problem. Before buying Construct 2 i wasn't aware it was an editor which generate HTML 5 code behind (so it use the HTML 5 engine) but that was not really a problem to me. I told to myself, why not at this time! and it had many export features. But you have to keep in mind something. The export options in Construct 2 aren't native. Its basically an HTML 5 using a wrapper on many platforms. For web games or mobile games it is perfect tool to use in my opinion. For desktop games, it might not be what you expected. You will end up having problems with aspect ratio and resolutions. I wanted my game to look native that basically mean be able to put your game fullscreen. You will say you can do it in Construct 2. Yes you can indeed put your game fullscreen but that doesn't change the overall resolution of the game itself or handle your game so it have pixelperfect visual so it fit to your monitor size whatever the size. Many games have a native resolution it is then upscaled or downscaled. Upscaling for pixel games is tricky. It must be an integer factor value of 1x, 2x, 4x, etc. You can't tell Construct 2 to tell the OS to change the resolution and to make your game look pixel perfect. In Construct 2 the options are limited for this.
    • Performance. Since its not a native export the cost to this is performance. Everything have a cost and this is the price to pay with mobile games but its up to the programmer to deal with it. However, HTML 5 is a very recent technology and probably isn't mature enough yet concerning performance. But that only my opinion.
    • Destroying objects. That behaviour tricked me a bit. When you destroy an object, it is not really destroyed until the next tick. So you still can access thoses object in the same frame.
    • Your tied to eventual HTML 5 problems and Web Node-kit. (Not Construct 2 fault through) But as an example, in Node-webkit we had a bug we couldn't figure out or fix and this lead to problems later if customer see this bug. It might not be something big but gamers are really critical sometimes and myself i didn't like it. Sometime the game at the start somewhat freezed for a second. This bug has been reported somewhere in the forums. But that only an example of what could happen.

    The reasons i changed the engine... (some are related to Unity, some are not)

    • I am an experienced C# programmer. Unity enable you to program in C#. So its perfect for me.
    • Unity have native export options.
    • Unity have more console export options.
    • Lightning is easier in Unity.
    • Unity can handle resolution and aspect ratio for you at any resolution. Even UI adapt to this easily.
    • I will be using Unity for 3D projects later so i am doing the learning curve right away.
    • Assets store.
    • Game changed and evolved.
    • Big companies use it so its rather mature.
  • Looks great - good luck with the new direction

  • The game looks nice. Good luck with the new engine! What's important is making a game in the best way you can so I understand perfectly why you decided to change. It was interesting to read your reasons, all of them seemed valid to me.

  • Thanks guys!

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