Battle Princess Madelyn. From the makers of Insanity's Blade

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  • Awesome! Sounds good... I'm sure everyone is looking forward to all the updates

  • Newest update/dev log on the game is up! ... nd-a-logo/

    Some sneak preview images of the new winter stage damainman has been working on:

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  • Damn, I've heard of the news. But I never knew the game is made by Construct originally.

    You're doing great job!

  • Hahah, here you are! So this is the next big project you mentioned?

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful - the winter stage looks like the stuff of my dreams. A few years back I tried to achieve that look and feel with my snowy village town, but I could never figure out what kind of graphic detail to put in. It looks incredibly rich - well done.

    Whether it's C2 or Unity, I'll be on the lookout for this one! I'm still having fun with IB by the way - university applications had me occupied (even up till this moment), and I've been playing it on and off.

    All the very best!

  • Great Pixelled very well !

  • Hey all!

    We have great news, the Construct 2 prototyped game Battle Princess Madelyn is not only Greenlit but also on Kickstarter right now!

    We've rebuilt the entire game in Unity and have been having a blast with lighting and other fancy FX

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, we really appreciate fellow Constructors' support and kind words along the way!

    For anyone interested in giving the game a play, we have a Pre-Alpha Build up on Steam!

    Thanks again to the C2 community for their support through the journey thus far

    -Chris and Daven

    Causal Bit Games

  • This is grand! Haha I love it Real nice arcade feel.

    Are you guys emulating the Yamaha YM2203 sound chip btw? It sounds a lot like it.

  • I can't remember the exact chip model, but yeah a Yamaha chip is exactly what the Arcade soundtrack is aiming for ( made by the Maldita Castilla musician Gryzor89 )

  • Ooh, another Locomalito fan. That's actually where I learned about that chip in the first place

    I played through the demo. Really solid stuff I'll be following this for sure.

  • ErekT Yes indeed! and thanks!

  • FUNDED! ... ss-madelyn

    <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Out of curiosity (aside from obvious reasons), why the switch to Unity from C2?

  • Cryptwalker I'll imagine that the obvious reasons includes console export?

    We've been saying it since Construct Classic was retired though: native feels smoother and runs better on most hardware we've tested than HTML5 + WebGL does (at least right now), and having experienced the porting from C2 to Unity 2D (raycasting) it was confirmed for us again.

    When Scirra pushes that "C2 is faster than native" they mean faster than Construct Classic, because they've optimized more. If those same optimizations were brought back to Construct Classic it'd make total sense for CC to again be the best performance (because C2's JavaScript export is not compiled in ASM.js it will not match even C#).

    This is mostly an argument for CPU-bound games (eg: 2D platformers with lots of raycasting), so effects-wise it's true WebGL *can* do perfectly close to native, but that's also assuming it is supported on the computer it's running on and not black-listed. Meanwhile, every card is pretty much at DirectX 9 compatibility by now.

    Also, we have had less hardware and streaming issues with Unity, which has helped us get through Kickstarter so fast because the game works well on almost every computer that has run it so far even with all those fancy shaders and lighting bits we added in (eg: my 2010 business-level laptop can even run it on an old ATI gpu, although we would always recommend higher specs than that for best performance at high resolutions).

  • Jayjay

    Wow lots of interesting info. Hope Scirra reads this. BTW, why the need for raycasting in Unity?

  • Cryptwalker Raycasting was used because it was easier to do the jump-through / drop-through platforms that way (actually has higher collision accuracy than C2 does we discovered in one of the levels we ported over!)

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