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  • It's better now. What about brake to stop turn around. Music of button!!! Vertical scrolls up, why yours scroll down? Is collecting your only gameplay?

  • DatapawWolf The slider is a good idea. I was actually thinking about adding it =P. And the graphics are just placeholders, the entire reason i'm looking for funding is to hire an artist and a musician =)

    Burvey the prototype has all 10 levels available, not sure why it would froze up. The game gets more exiting as levels go up ^^, since this is a prototype, i'm actually thinking of making the complexity curve a lot steeper, the fact that some people are playing only the first couple of levels is actually pretty bad for me, since the best levels are the last ones =(

    JamesXXXYZ you can stop turning by turning the other way . I will add an audio related setting on the final version for sure. What do you mean by "scroll"?. And for now, kinda yes, but the game is actually about exploring the levels, solving puzzles, getting to know the characters and playing the story. It's like saying final fantasy is only about gaining exp, haha.

  • "you can stop turning by turning the other way"

    that's clear. It's like by car games i wanna have a break until the car stops without moving backwards.


    When you turn the tablet around than it is the right direction glider should move.

    Turn off music isn't so difficult, i don't like music in games usually.

  • JamesXXXYZ I see what you mean now. The ship has very little momentum, it takes about a seconds to come to a full stop (unless you were moving really fast). So making a move in the opposite direction to stop it is really effective =). Besides, keep in mind this is not a car, it's a spaceship in zero-G, the only way to break is to thrust against the momentum

  • Can you change the red color of the arrow to white or green? Red is negativ.

    Maybe i should integrate zero-g in my Collect! game. It's a highspeed reflexe glider game (normal mode not at the beginning) with 8 keys controls (react max 5 keys down at the same time), or better not

  • Tried it with the new controls and it's much better when it comes to that.

    What follows is entirely subjective, just a warning:

    I finished the first level, almost finished the 2nd one, got bored and closed the game. Everything is slow - your movement, the progress (first level seems like a training level, yet you need to pick up whole 50 of those energy orbs). The environment is very bland - maybe there's more later, but the beginning doesn't fill one with hope.

    It used to be that you bought a tape, a cartridge, a diskette with a game, went home, installed it and then, since this was your one game for a while you gave it a real chance and, quite likely, excuse a great many shortcomings. Me and a pal spent probably weeks on beating Battletoads and Double Dragon on the NES - playing again and again and again to get through to the end. But today it's 2015 and one can get a dozen games a day, all for free so a game better wow the player right from the start and just escalate from there. Not necessarily with mad action, but with something - be it art, music or interesting gameplay.

    In this sector I'd say Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is the one to beat - an absolutely amazing game - it opens with a bang and only gets better. The environments while simple silhouettes are amazing, full of life and very nice to look at. There's constant gameplay evolution - it's basically a Metroidvania with a little flying saucer.

    Not saying you need to be like it, but it has plenty of lessons to teach about being a cool space game.

  • Somebody Yeah, I think I agree with you. it's something I'll have to work in though xP. I'm more of a slow pace kinda guy, wowing people is not really my thing. But I see your point and I agree. Today is really easy to get lost in the endless sea of games. And even though I think my game is "decent enough", something has to set it apart from the rest.

    There is an endless-loophole here though; My indiegogo campaign is to fundrise money for the art. but it's hard to get people's attention without it =( Besides, the game I published was a prototype, not "THE GAME". was kinda hoping everybody would understand that xP. I'm currently working on making a better campaign too =)

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone <3!

    And if you can contribute or share this thing, please do so!!

  • There are ways to make something neat without many resources - you could have hundreds of energy orbs to collect and make it dense with them so there's constant gratification. Add some small debris flying around that bounce from your ship. Add sparks when you crash into walls, etc. As long as most actions have reactions things get better.

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  • Your glider can move backwards? Sometimes both steering are on. Insert an icon like the pause Symbol to open and close the map. I don't like to touch the Glieder everytime. When the ship collide with walls or exit level screen should shake. With only two steer engines in the front it doesn't work to rotate the ship. You need two behind. Left Front and right behind. Right Front left behind. Watch how the spaceships in star citicen steer!

  • The levels felt very long.

    Especially the first one, which didn't have much going on it makes people lose interest.

    I suggest the first few tutorial levels being short and to the point of showing how to play, then you can introduce longer more varied levels.

    Also, I feel like left and right should be inverted haha. At least an option to choose if it is or isn't.

    I played on web version on my phone.

  • Tylermon I'm currently working or improving a lot of things in the game. one of them, in fact, is to make the first level shorter, and the rest of the levels more interesting =)

    I will add an option to invert the controls =)!

    In a couple of days I will upload the new and improved version, It has a ton of changes and new features ^^

  • Hey, I think this is a really good start. You've got a nice little atmosphere going on and the way it all moves feels pretty tight. I must admit though, I kept wondering when I was going to get to shoot some stuff XD I agree about the first few levels feeling too long, you can step up the complexity more quickly than you're doing now - as Somebody said, the gameplay has to evolve as you play to really keep people interested, and it has to be more than just giving them new hoops to jump through.

    Also Somebody Battletoads? pshaw, in my day we had someone's older brother's copy of Citadel on the BBC Micro and we were happy dammit

  • thnx, and good luck

  • lolpaca Tylermon Somebody

    Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas on how I could make the gameplay more interesting? I was kinda hoping I could get away with a no-violence game though xP, But I'm 100% sure there must a thousand ways I could improve what I have here

  • I think you've got a good start - you're just maybe leaving too much space in between new challenges. For example, as far as I could see, the only new thing level 3 introduced (which is as far as I got btw) was those opening and closing doors. They should perhaps be after the first door on level 2. Try compressing it all a bit more like that, and then just keep playing and asking yourself "What would make this more fun?"

    Maybe consider giving the ship new abilities past a certain point, if you haven't already. Doesn't have to be guns, but some way to make it more powerful and change the way the game is played.

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