Arrowroot - Action RPG Platformer (DevLog)

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  • (Logo isn't final)

    Arrowroot is an action platformer RPG that I've been working on for quite a while on my own. It's inspired from Zelda 2 mostly but there are other bits and pieces from other games I enjoy also. I won't share much on the story yet, but it revolves around the shards you pick up during the game.

    I prepared a feature trailer below:

    The game is in alpha stage so many things are subject to change. I'll update about how far into development it is later.

    Here's some screens of the teaser if you don't want to watch the video:

    I started from the Super Platformer Engine template from the Construct store created by Bilge Kaan. Without that template and Construct 2 I wouldn't of been able to do all this myself, as I have zero game development experience.

    I hope you like it and I'll happily accept any feedback.

    Thanks for having a look.

  • Joben Looking really great so far! I'm glad you made the Super Platformer graphics into your own style which shows the investment into it. Keep at it!

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  • Nice graphics - it's a cute little world you've built there. Will you be selling this game latter? I can see it having a good market.

    Whats with the sound in the video - there's this woman saying something every so often and I can't figure it out?

  • Thanks guys!

    Yeah I'm trying to make the world have its own unique feel and fantasy setting.

    My goal is to sell it on steam and then go from there, perhaps to mobile later on. About that sound in the video, it's the audiojungle sound mark. I haven't purchased the music yet, that's why the video isn't public. Just trying to get impressions for now and once I make a proper trailer, I'll purchase it and put it up publicly.

  • Joben Oh btw I had gotten the same platformer assets and was running through making characters and I had made a girl character based on the original guy. I will give you a link to my dropbox with the assets if you want to use em since I'm not doing anything with them. ...

  • Thanks for the thought, if I need a female version for anything I might try it out

    My first update is a steam punk style house I've been working on, I could use feedback on the design and colours.

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