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Demo Game Multiplayer Online with member registration system
  • Hey i played about 5 games, and i enjoy it. im waiting for the maintenance to be finished so i can play more.

    i have a question for you though

    how much money$$ did it cost you to get the demo up and running on an online server?

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  • We're back up! I haven't had much luck getting the Scirra Arcade to do my bidding so I've reverted hosting back to my site. It can be found at: (no ads)

    Recall that if you're getting a black box or an old version that's still in maintenance you likely need to refresh your browsers cache.

    mannygill99 The server costs were actually very cheap! The trick was finding a shared hosting provider that didn't ban game hosting. I ended up with Veerotech after shopping around for quite a while and including a domain name (which I bought from a separate provider) it totaled around $30 for 3 months or so of hosting. Setting up the pages themselves was a bit of a learning experience, even with a CMS. Honestly though I think the Scirra Arcade would probably be a very good substitute most of the time, and for no cost.

    A final note to those that squeeze in a game tonight, I don't recommend tabbing out of the game while in Hero Select. Besides, the game is better in full screen anyway.

    EDIT: I'm off to bed. Evil Voulk will be back with his bag of quest rewards in the morning. Don't have too much fun without me.

  • lol Frost Nova Spell from warcraft 3

  • Hi all,

    I know I didn't get too much interest from this forum but here's an update for you:

    My work sent me to Asia for a couple months and so I had to halt development for a bit. When I get home I'm going to rework the game to focus more on the single player experience by fleshing out the AI. The multiplayer queue will still be there if you want to play against your friends but going multi-player only was a bit of a mistake.

    Big thanks to everyone who gave the game a go over its demo weekend!

  • Hello!

    This looks great, good work indeed.

    You mentioned in a previous post about whether we would be interested in a tutorial or blog about the development of the multiplayer aspects of this game. I would really enjoy to read this Scirra provides a some reference reading but it would be great to read something applicable to having a live game, especially for the matchmaking aspect.

    I am only just starting to consider how multiplayer will work for my game, but it would be great to go through and share and compare ideas. For example, I will be using Elo system in my MySQL database to try and sort out matchmaking but I would be interested to see what others do, especially private matchmaking/inviting friends.

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