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    > I confess I had problem in time to add up the costs, and the problems were due to large fees and taxes that would have to pay.

    > I can say that 60% of the total value of the project was just to pay taxes from Kickstarter, Amazon, US Federal and Brazilian exchange rates. The 40% remaining, a small portion would also be designed to the rewards and ships for anywhere in the world.


    Awesome. Thanks for the chart. One following question, what do you exactly have to pay taxes for the proyect. The taxes you pay are for the benefits you make, but if you're not making any income and you don't know how much the game is gonna earn you from sales if released what do you exactly pay taxes for?

    For example I do have to pay taxes every month for being self-employed in Spain, which is around 200 euro. Doesn't matter if I make money or not, just for the shake of it and depending if my bar/shop/whateverIhave makes more or less money I have to pay every 3 months.

    Again, sorry for my ignorance, just want to learn the bussisness side, since is as much important as the develeopment itself. And sorry for my english.

    well, let's say you need to pay tax to the US government, as the kickstarter is an american company, also need to pay a commission to the own kickstarter, a small fee to the Amazon, responsible for managing the money and the form of payment contributor, at the end I need to declare this money to come into my country, and then my brazilian government takes another slice of the cake.

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