[Request] FlodJs Mod,XM music player

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  • A player for amiga tracker audio formats

    It's already in .js :



    but I find it all rather arcane. Anyone who is knowledgeable enough to make it into a Construct 2 plugin?

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  • Great idea, I would also love to see this as a plugin.

    OGG/M4A audio files are by far the heaviest assets in most projects. This could help shrink the size of projects down quite a bit, and possibly save a lot of traffic for those living on dodgy web hosting.

  • This would be great!

  • Two things, a tracker is going to be a pretty big tax on the system, so how well does it do, and can't you find something thats not donationware?

  • I can't find a working demo of flodjs in action.

    I did find chiptune.js which seems to only use about 10% cpu in their demo on my system.

    I'm not crazy about writing plugins as the workflow to me is very tedious, but here's a test capx using the library. At the very least it allows me to see how capable the library is before wrapping it into a plugin.

    So far it loads the library and you can load and play music files once ReadyToPlay is 1. But anyway it gives something to play around with.

  • Thats not bad, a lot less jerky than the few midi libs I tried.

    No go for Ie, and Opera, but it loaded, and played well on the Ipad.

    Given the size, That alone is more than enough to make it feasible for mobile.

  • It should work with any browser that supports the web audio api.

    Found another js lib that performs a bit better but only plays mod files.


    It provides these js commands

    player.setrepeat(true or false)
    Edit: for further reference here is a list of js mod player libs:
    [url=http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3620-support-for-tracked-module-formats/]http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3620 ... e-formats/[/url]
  • One word! Awesome! i really hope someone can make a plugin with this!

    Plays perfect by the way.. No cpu usage here it seems!

  • R0J0hound awesome

    lame little demo:


  • It would seem to solve a lot of problems.

    I remember CC had a plug to play mods as well.

    Any thoughts on an official plug Ashley?

  • Cool examples!!!

    Since files sizes are so important when it comes to HTML5 games, its surprising that theres no support for mod-files.

    Really hope to see an official or nonofficial plugin soon (that can continue playing between layouts ).

  • R0J0hound awesome

    lame little demo:


    I wonder how did you this like distorsion and curve path each letter, I'm interested to make C64/Amiga demos

  • OMG! its so AWESOME!

  • >

    > I wonder how did you this like distorsion and curve path each letter, I'm interested to make C64/Amiga demos


    didn't i post the .capx?

    here it is: http://www.ize.rocks/c2/Oldschool.capx

    nothing special... just the sine behavior and some shaders

  • Hi

    Here is an example of Fastracker II module player..

    I used Rojohound script loader to call external js.. from santo ! Copyright (c) 2011 Antoine Santo Aka NoNameNo

    Here is the example stored my website : http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/XM/index.html

    Other thing this player play YM from atari St or Spectrum or Amstrad ... so

    you can edit load.txt and insert,

    var player = new music("YM"); ym Atari Amstrad Spectrum ym2/ym3/ym3b/ym4/ym5/ym6

    var player = new music("MK"); mk Protracker from Amiga

    var player = new music("XM"); xm Fastracker /Skaletracker/Madtracker/Milykytracker/Digibooster ....

    var player = new music("FC14"); fc13/fc14 future Composer Amiga

    "Unknown Format",

    "Ultimate SoundTracker",

    "D.O.C. SoundTracker 9",

    "Master SoundTracker",

    "D.O.C. SoundTracker 2.0/2.2",

    "SoundTracker 2.3",

    "SoundTracker 2.4",

    "NoiseTracker 1.0",

    "NoiseTracker 1.1",

    "NoiseTracker 2.0",

    "ProTracker 1.0",

    "ProTracker 1.1/2.1",

    "ProTracker 1.2/2.0",

    "His Master's NoiseTracker",

    "SoundFX 1.0/1.7",

    "SoundFX 1.8",

    "SoundFX 1.945",

    "SoundFX 1.994/2.0",

    "BP SoundMon V1",

    "BP SoundMon V2",

    "BP SoundMon V3",

    "Delta Music 1.0",

    "Delta Music 2.0",

    "Digital Mugician",

    "Digital Mugician 7 Voices",

    "Future Composer 1.0/1.3",

    "Future Composer 1.4",

    "SidMon 1.0",

    "SidMon 2.0",

    "David Whittaker",


    "Jochen Hippel",

    "Jochen Hippel COSO",

    "Rob Hubbard",

    "FastTracker II",


    "MadTracker 2.0",


    "DigiBooster Pro 2.18",


    In the example i used aryx.xm .. this must buggy cos the original format is Screamtracker .. s3m from Karsten Koch..

    Here the .capx file ..


    Use Chrome or Firefox Webaudio intergrated Browser ...

    Enjoy the silents <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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