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  • Ubivis Haha! Good luck with that! I doubt we see that performance in JavaScript for the next 5-10 years

    Ize yup. Nothing fancy yet. I am writing a 3D model loader example now.

  • dear god you're on fire what a progress. I hope Ashley help you with his knowledge with this for the best result. Cause we dont speak here for just a "plugin" but literally (and figurative) about a whole new dimension in C2...

  • My plugin is almost complete and should be available by the end of the week, i have about 150 functions that range over a lot of the functionality of three.js and extra stuff like collision and split screen etc. support for animations will come later as it is quite complex to integrate them well.

  • Nice QuaziGNRLnose did you go for full video-texture or do you also have a canvas?

  • QuaziGNRLnose any demos available?

  • Schoening

    It uses either, specified by the user.


    just pics right now

    heres dynamic reflection mapping which i just implemented

    Demos will be up soon.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Sweet. Any idea when you publish the Plugin? If it is soon I might as well wait for your Plugin and see if it doesn't have all the functionality I need

  • QuaziGNRLnose looking good, can't wait for the demos / plugin

  • Like i said by the end of the week or beginning of next (like monday) it'll pretty much be ready for release. there's a few more non-necessary things i want to add before then, but as of now the only major component im missing are skinned/morph animations, which will come in the weeks after release with other tertiary features.

  • Sounds good. Animations are important. Looking forward to try it.

  • 3d collisions?

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  • These are great times for C2! We expect dynamic lighting/shadowing system in the next beta release, and now 3d implementation!!!

  • I'm sorry but I don't get what all the rage is about in this thread. It's really neat, yes, but that's about it. C2 is a 2D game engine, and would still need to be heavily adapted to be able to create 3D games.

    And yes, I see the rotating cube. No, that is not a game. To invest time and effort into something of significance will require a lot more development and probably many more months, as well as continuing support by the original creator.

    Not to be all realist on you guys, but there's a reason Scirra hasn't messed with 3D yet.

  • Hi DatapawWolf,

    I don't agree with you, Scirra hasn't messed with a lot of stuff yet, not because it's not realistic, but because they didn't get to it yet, we see improvements and new features all the time, like the recently added multiplayer plugin, or the tilemap before that, or the pathfiniding and turrets before that, these were all realistic and required features that were done manually or with 3rd party plugin until officially integrated into construct and i am sure that a lot of these 3rd party plugins eventually pushed Scirra to cover that area themselves.

    That being said, i don't think anyone here is aiming to make construct a full 3D engine, but a 2.5D engine is certainly plausible and can take the engine another big step forward.

    Think about the possibilities of rendering objects in 3d instead of animation sprites, you have all the angles and unlimited number of animations without costing more memory usage or storage space.

  • totally agree with you

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