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  • Hi Awesome Plugin Coders!

    As the title of this post implies i came to the conclusion that a save/load to/from Dropbox would be really great for appbuilders like myself.

    That way i can ensure the users of my apps to save their data to a better location then the local cookie.

    Meaning that their data is lost once they reset the browser cookies.

    Now i know you are all working around the clock to finish your own plugins.

    So dont get me wrong that i would like to see this plugin as of tommorow ;-)

    However, as construct2 grows to an even more usable platform for webApp builders monthly, i can see that ensuring the least amount of data loss is a welcome development.

    Maybe it cant be done yet?

    Maybe it can?

    I am not the expert.

    What i do know is that i and others could inform users to open a dropbox account. So they could then input their account data into the plugin.

    Then hitting save or load.

    And bam... awesomeness is born.

    Ps: The best part is that it would enable crossplatform!

    Kind Regards and thanx for reading <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


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